Roses Bar

Roses Bar

Roses Bar

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Oranienstraße 187, Berlin, Germany, 10999

Roses here aren't red, they're very pink! This is the campest gay bar in Kreuzberg with lots of fun and excitement.

Lively, mixed crowd with 80's to 90's music that wouldn't work anywhere else. Cheap drinks, friendly bartenders, packed at night. A favorite stop for pre- or post-clubbing.

Located near Möbel-Olfe bar.

Weekday: 21.30 - 06.00

Weekend: 21.30 - 06.00

Nearest station: U: Kottbusser Tor, Görlitzer Bahnhof; N29 Adalbertstraße, Oranienstraße

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Ben Doyle


Langeweilerladen mit derben Personalproblem

The place is boring as hell and has absolutely nothing to offer other than crazy bartenders who act like they're in their own living room. The paint is really completely off here. Anyone who leaves their money here has only themselves to blame.




If you wanna be treated badly and have horrible experience this is the right place. Was there on Wednesday and the guy at the bar was rude to me because I was not interested into him. The door policy was also super strange nice people in front of me just got rejected for no reason.The place is far from being inclusive, not as it used to be before.


Definitely not an open community space

As a queer BIPOC person, I definitely cannot consider it anymore as a "community space". Maybe it never was and it was my wrong expectation. The attitude of some of the people at the bar staff is very unfriendly to say the least, I wouldn't think it's compatible with serving people of minority communities. Some of them generally act as you must be very thankful for the kind of a royal prerogative that you have received as a guest in the moment they serve you, sometime after unreasonably long waits. On one occasion, my friend and I were not allowed to play video games while we were chatting and consuming their drinks. No reason was given, just no and that's it. Just accept it as a minority person in a country with a long history of white supremacy. While there were others in the bar who were not only chatting and drinking, but also drawing.


Roses Bar

On Wednesday I met a bartender there who showed a very predator attitude towards girls I don’t think it belongs to LGBTQ culture and would not recommend the place to my friends anymore. Also the bouncer was an unfriendly guy talking on the phone all the time looking at people with a very depreciating glance. The vibe of the place changed totally used to be a nice place, so unfortunate.


Horrible experience!

***PLEASE READ THIS*** Arrived with an old friend on Monday, 9th September, sat at the bar and had two Becks. We weren't drunk, loud or inappropriate. We wanted to order another drink, however the bartender (who was very obviously drugged, drunk, or both) didn't want to sell us drinks, even though we had money. The reason: we didn't tip him earlier. How do I know? Because he literally said: ”No tips, no drinks” I was gobsmacked! Even the two guys next to us were shocked and asked him how he can even say such thing. I didn't tip him because his service was abysmal. All night he was extremely arrogant towards us and other customers. You could see on other people’s faces that they felt intimidated by his behaviour. Roses is known in Berlin as a place of tolerance, and I hope that management will do something about this. At the end of the day, we were paying costumers! Deeply disappointed.

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