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Ten Mens Club

323 New Bridge Road, Singapore, , 088759  map 
Tomorrow:  Skin Nite

Ten Mens Club has been newly Renovated for 2021 in a new location on New Bridge Road, Singapore. It is one of the largest gay saunas in Singapore and has over 6000sqft of venue spread across 5 floors.

Gay sauna with steam room, private cabins, maze, and TV lounge and free Wifi. 10Mens hosts weekly themed events including Skin Nite on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Drinks and instant noodles are available for purchase.

10Mens has a relaxed atmosphere with a welcoming policy that “never rejects anyone in Singapore”. No membership fee.


internet access, steam room, maze, relaxing cabins, dark room, smoking area

Updated: 11-Feb-2022
Audience Rating

From 118 votes

weekday: 12:00 - 23:00
weekend: 12:00 - 02:00

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  1. K Kenny
    Wonderful Moment At Ten Mens Club, Skin Nite

    “I have a wonderful moment at Ten Mens Club, skin Nite on every Wednesday and Saturday. Has met him there during the skin nites.“

  2. D David
    Nice And Newly Renovated Place For Meeting New Friends

    “Nice & newly renovated place for meeting new friends at Ten Mens Club. Easy to access. Near to Outram Park MRT station. Has enjoyed myself talking to cute guy at Ten Mens Club “

  3. M Martin
    Has Enjoyed Myself At Ten Mens Club

    “Has enjoyed myself at Ten Mens Club. Has met a cute guy there. He has given a poster of himself. Many nice looking and wonderful guys there.“

  4. S Steve
    Staff are outstanding

    “From the outset, let me say that I have long forgone saunas. Yesterday, however, I was hanging around with some mates in SG, and one suggested we go to Ten Mens Club as we had a few hours to spare. I agreed out of curiosity as it had been 13 years since I had last been to a sauna in the Lion City.

    I simply haven’t got a bad word to say about it. There were some minor issues mainly in relation to maintenance that could be easily rectified. However, the real kudos go to the staff who were welcoming, polite, engaging, informative and downright friendly. Seriously, the best staff I have ever encountered in a sauna and I’ve visited them in 30+ countries.

    Well done, Ten Mens Club. Will be back next year.“

  5. E Eddy
    A Nice Place To Meet "Cute" Guy!

    “A nice place to meet "Cute Guy"! Having a great time with this guy.“

    • J Johnny
      Nice renovated place. I've met this guy there.

      “Nice renovated place for fun. I've met this guy there. Enjoyed my wonderful evening there with him.“

      • R Ryan
        Where exactly is new TMC location?

        “Hi I saw on internet that TMC is now in 323 New Bridge Road.. but where exactly is it? Any idea? Near any prominent building?“

        • G Gabriel

          “It is along the stretch of Jean Yip building. You will see tall planters once you alight from the bus stop“

    • J Jason
      A Nice, Clean And Wonderful Place For Enjoyment

      “A nice, clean and wonderful place for enjoyment. Staffs here are friendly and helpful. Able to meet cute guys here! Looking forward for my next visit soon “

  6. W Weilun
    Bad taste of music

    “Went there on the 4th day of chinese new year. Totally turned off, major turn off moment in there!! Freaking CNY music playing with bunches of old guys!
    HELLO DJ! You expect your patron sing along with your cny song while cruising? Please choose your song list wisely... its a gay sauna, not cny bazaar...“

    • C CNY
      Silly comments

      “Hello!! It is Chinese New Year. You shouldn't go out cruising if you dislike Chinese new year song.“

    • W Weilun

      “This is the equivalent of going out on Christmas and complaining about hearing Christmas music. I mean get over yourself.“

  7. J Jonathan
    Go when you love old mens

    “Lots of old guys! When I say old I really mean it, it’s like grandpas age Chinese old men...
    Spend nearly 2 hours and hardly see young guys.“

    • C CNY
      Stay away from TMC.

      “Stay in the gym instead. Come out only when you older with more brains.“

  8. T Timmy
    SCAM DO NOT GO THERE : they only want your money

    “After paying full amount to get in, I find the place empty and dirty, I go back to the nice looking guy at the reception, he starts getting aggressive and shouts at me: "leave now leave now " and he insults me. Do not go there.“

  9. A Alan

    “In Dec2019 I saw 3 muscular gd looking hunks really making it out on the rooftop open area... they were really naked and doing it right there... is this allowed in the sauna? In the open space under fairly bright lights.“

    • D Daniel
      Enjoyed & Having Fun At Ten Mens Club

      “Enjoyed & having lots of fun at "Ten Mens Club".“

      • A Alex
        Nice place to meet sexy guy....

        “I've meet a nice & sexy guy there. He has given me his photo.“

  10. K Kong
    False Hope

    “TMC supposedly occupied from a former abandoned club, inherited almost all of the premise property and space. Some shower nozzles are already ripped off, paint work of the walls peeling off, stench smell almost all over, rooms are dirty, etc. They should have done some renovation before taking over the place just like what KB had done before when they moved from their former grounds in Bugis to the current 1-7 location. Its logical when a new business begins. The crowd is subjective and patrons need to decify themselves if they can bear with the run down area for cruising. Look from this angle, no chill section, steam room notorious dark, movement between 2 separate sets of rooms can be horrific with those flimsy staircase, no sauna, rooms just disgusting when you lie down...all for 12bucks, one locker and a towel comes with a small hand towel. Be careful when you use the padlock issued to lock up your belongings too.“

  11. H Hey
    Not fantastic

    “I wanted to go there to meet local guys but they were quite old because maybe it was in the afternoon. Anyway, facilities are not sufficient and you feel bored quickly. The steam room is very dark. No sauna no jacuzzi no chill place...“

  12. A Alvin
    Many old men!

    “Being there this afternoon from 430pm to 730pm. Saw a lot of grandpas, daddies and uncles! Really a place for mature crowd lovers! Can't see any young, muscular, good looking guys.“

  13. C Chris

    “I´m often in SG and I always visit 10 Mens Club! The staff is friendly and helpful. Everything is clean. Love the rooftop for relaxing. I always had fun in here.“

  14. M Martin
    OK place but more for a local crowd

    “Having just come from Hong Kong where as a tall white guy you got a lot of attention in saunas, this was a good reminder that lots of Chinese guys don't want white guys! It seemed very reserved compared to clubs elsewhere. White guys might do better somewhere like Keybox“

  15. j john

    “Here crowded with many 40-50+ local men. Have a lot of fun here. If you are into mature men here is definitely a place for you.“

  16. A Auri
    Very enjoyable, large spaces

    “Went to TMC twice, on a Wednesday and Saturday afternoon/evening. Both nude theme nights, which they patrol probably a bit over-zealously... with staff stationed at the entrance to the two main cruising areas.

    I noted someone mentioning this place is small! Must be kidding, in fact if anything it's probably too big and people will be too scattered if it is not busy.

    Downstairs to the main shower area with around 6 or 7 nozzles arranged in a circular pattern. A bit sexy, but kind of exposed, so more difficult to have any fun in the shower (compared to the showers at Shogun). The steam room is pretty large and usually very happening.

    Off the main locker level, there is a TV room showing regular movies. From this level, there are two stairs to two separate cruise areas. It's a pity these two areas are not interconnected, have to come down through the lockers to go to the other part.

    Both nights I went, the place was busy. Not ultra packed, but happening enough.

    $12 entry“

  17. A A
    Don’t go there

    “Was there last year, my locker was open by someone (the staff ) and I was charged by 10 sgd at reception who blamed me lose the lock.

    So funny. Don’t bother go there.“

  18. S S

    “Entrance door is right next to Seven Eleven, took me long to find. Friendly staff and nice four-storey facility. Check their facebook for discounts. I went in a weekday's afternoon and the crowd (mixed, but generally nice) seemed shy and reserved.“

  19. G Gor
    Small, no porn, cheap

    “Very small. There is only a small sauna with a strong smell where you can have some fun if you tolerate the smell. Upstairs where private cabins are, it is too dark. Entrance was SGD$12. Probably the cheapest in Singapore, so it also attracts a cheaper crowd. Guys at the reception were friendly.“

  20. f franck

    “Lot of people near 1pm on friday :) Local are in desire and hot. I past a hot moment“

  21. G Griben
    Foreigners friendly

    “I went there in the afternoon , It was active already but crowd was mostly uncles it was around 4-5:30 that yuppies and young crowd arrived. I have some fun ☺“

  22. T Trade

    “Ok so decided to go this club last week, staff are very friendly and helpful, you pay the fee, they give you a locker key and locker number, towels, condom and lube. So you go up to the locker area and find your assigned locker number. This one, depending on which locker number you get, you either get to change in private or you get to change in full view of people because there are some lockers facing some area where guys just stand around waiting and looking.

    Crowd wise...hmmmm.....well if you like older matured uncle type of crowd, then this is where you want to go. I saw maybe one or two young guys and the rest were old older mature chinaman types. Don't expect any fit guys here. Some of these uncles are quite aggressive. Normally if you are not interested in the guy, you brush their hand away, no eye contact and most people get the hint,....but not some of the guys here...they will follow you and grab you eventhough you already pushed them away....

    Shower area kinda smells like urine...didn't go to the steam room though.“

  23. S Sparta
    Best Sauna In Singapore!

    “It was my fifth visit to 10men. And I highly recommended it.

    I was there 2 days in a row( don't judge). And the crowd was there. I am a big fan of Bears, Stocky, Chub and cub so 10men speaks my language.

    The entrance was a bit hidden away but it was directly beside the 7-11. Once you passed 7-11 the entrance is on ur left.

    The reception was friendly and good sense of humour. Ken greeted me and handed me the locker key and towels. Ken was welcoming and friendly.

    Once you arrived at the locker area, I meant it can be quite confusing to find your locker. However, there is a member of staff there to show you to yours which I find it very personalised.

    The steam room is hot enough for me and the shower is regularly cleaned. I had some hot action in the steam room and the shower.

    10men consists over 3 floors, with the lower floor for lockers, a tv room, a pantry, steam room , open shower and 2 toilets cubicles . The next mezzanine floor are the private cubicles which I find a bit put off as you can smell the smell of kitchen from the restaurant below. That is something 10men cannot controlled so I wouldn't say is a cons. Follow by the next floor up is another cubicles area which is my favorite for private section. The cubicles are routinely cleaned. The top floor is an open air roof top for smokers and if you are up for some outdoor fun, why not?!

    In term of value for money, 10men does hold the value. With low entrance fees and no membership fees that work for me as a traveler.

    Good Job 10men, I would definitely come back again and recommend my friends who are into bears and bigger guys to come.“

  24. D David
    Nude night

    “Went on Wednesday which was skin about 7 pm for the first time. I was hoping to see some action or really nice bods. There was a decent crowd some young like 20 to 35 and older crowd. Walked to the maze area and the walk way was a little narrow went I didn't mind much but they got blocked easy. Had no luck there so went to the stream room to relax had some a bit of luck. Nice guy started to rub on my leg working his way up, but every someone came in the room he would back off and try again. Needless to say he gave up which was a let down for me I really was enjoying. After that no luck left about 8.30 maybe I will have better luck next time. The staff was very friendly and helpful BTW does anyone know where they keep the condoms I didn't see them.“

  25. A Arjuna
    A place for the obese

    “Staff were nice. When I was lost trying to find my locker, a staff came to help. On a skin night, it was very crowded, but suddenly at around 10 pm everyone left and it was deserted. On the night I visited, 100% of customers were decidedly obese. Most were local Chinese with a few Caucasians (obese, of course). Ages ranged -- most were above 35, some were above 60, but I had one that seemed to be in his early 20s. You will not enjoy the place if you are allergic to obese people. The steam room had a perpetual smell of urine. It was like this years ago and it still is. One of the more affordable saunas in this expensive city.“

  26. R Richard
    Better than the reviews suggest

    “US older visitors, we went on Saturday afternoon. Front desk was very welcoming. It was quite active with at least 30 or 40 men there. Almost exclusively Chinese ranging in age from about 25 - 45. Lots of different spaces, several rooms. The steam room is dark with lots of playing. I would definitely visit again. Make sure you take the address since the entry is unmarked.“

  27. k ken
    First visit at the Pagoda Street location

    “Pleasantly surprised. First impression was good cleanliness. I was surprised it was already active with guys even though it was a couple of hours after 12 noon on a weekday. I had fun at the steam room and the shower that led to the dark room. Five stars to everything except for facilities which I gave four stars. I wish for a warm water Jacuzzi at the rooftop.“

  28. m mlechchha

    “Does Ten Men's Club have membership-based entry? I am a gay chub visiting from India, and was excited to visit Ten Men's on a Tuesday evening (Nov 8, 2016). It's website advertised a chub-and-chaser evening beginning 6 PM for that day. I arrived around 6:45 PM. The guy at the counter said that they were only letting members in, as it was full. Disappointed, I asked him what time they stop letting non-members in. He said the club opens at 12 PM, and there wasn't a fixed time, but they stop letting non-members in when it starts getting full. When I asked him how much membership was, so I could become a member, he responded saying they were not accepting new memberships at the time. I'm curious to know if this is *actually* true, or was some sophisticated way of denying me entry. Needless to say, I saw people enter both before and after me. Moreover, I spoke to visiting chaser from Malaysia later, who wasn't a member, and was at Ten Men's throughout the evening. Nothing on their website indicates a membership-based entry, either before or after a certain time, or on specific days of the week. Given that so little of the gay world caters to chubby guys like me, it is further disappointing to be subjected to what appears to be some form of discrimination. If there is a policy position on this, why doesn't Ten Men's advertise it on its website? If what I faced was discrimination, I would appreciate it being explicit, and not disguised or slimy. If what I faced was not discrimination, the least Ten Men's could do is state that they have a restrictive entry policy on their website, so that potential patrons are not left with a bitter aftertaste.“

  29. G Gerry
    Rude Staff

    “Have been there a few times, but never again. Dirty little steam room and not much else.“

  30. j joey

    “Where do you leave your towel when you enter the second floor? Are towels not allowed in the second floor even if it is not skni night? During skin nights, are towels not allowed in the first floor?“

  31. R Ray
    Nice place

    “Been there last night around 11pm, just SGD 10. Place is clean and feel comfortable, but maybe I got there too late, in there has very few people.“

  32. J Joan

    “Attended Friday night around 11pm. More guys genre than at the gay bars. Staff fine and pretty clean smallish sauna.

    I was the only white foreigner and that helped I think. Had a good sexy time and was the best sauna I went to in Singapore for a mix of types young chub fit etc all kinds.“

  33. c cutie
    Fun, clean and friendly

    “The staffs are very friendly from the beginning when they tell you what theme is tonight and most of them serve me with a smile and politeness. After you get in they wont hesitate to help you to show you where your locker is... the themes they have frequently are also very fun.. but one suggestion I can probably give is that during skin night I think each room should provide extra roll of toilet roll or more tissues because you are not allowed to bring towels up.... other than that everything is awesome... from the facilities to the service and cleanliness continue the good job.“

  34. P Peh
    Suana Preview

    “Nice location with friendly staff but need some improvement. There isn't any condoms or lubricant available in the room. The sauna should practice and promote safe sex and make in convenient for the guest. The crowds are mostly bear and older. The club should do some promotion to capture younger crowds.“

  35. J J
    Go after 5

    “The area is clean and mostly has beefier guys but there are some young and fit guys that you can ogle. They clean regularly. And more discreet than cruise club. And cheaper too.“

  36. r rio
    Uncle areas

    “I dont feel comfy when I entered. The space is limited and so quite. The time I came was weekend. Dark room is totally dark. You can't see anything there only windy air-con will make u quit as soon as possible. In Pagoda Street surely this potential sauna. But the brother sauna in the same road has better atmosphere.“

  37. J Jay
    Not a pleasant visit

    “This place is as mundane as a walk in the toilet at home, staff tried to rip me off, even though, I seriously look freaking young, his defense "you have to show ID to me, not me asking you" 10 points for customer service. The place was empty, only guys left were weird looking seniors, no offense, this is not a place for guys into fashion, upon my exit(in about 10mins) I saw two geezers wearing crocs and speaking in hokkien! Lol, unless you're Chinese don't waste your time at this joint“

  38. D Dainel
    Unexpected experience..

    “First time and what an unexpected experience. I met with a young nice guy. Thanks to him, he showed me around. Staff were awesome. Clean place. Unfortunately, there is no pool. Overall a great experience. As I was leaving, a lot of young guys arrived. Suggest to go after 4pm or 5pm. I will go again.“

  39. Z Zac

    “It's clean and staff were friendly. Visitors were nice too. The place should run 24 hours and have more skin options... I just love being naked in front of a clothed crowd. It's kinda like feeling ashamed and sexy at the same time.“

  40. P Peter
    Nice sauna

    “I went 51 years old Caucasian with my bf 27 Asian and i had great fun because lot of Chinese men but my bf likes foreigner sad for him no foreigners there. If I come to Singapore again I want to come again.“

  41. S Sam
    Chubs, Seniors, Yuppies, Crazy fun hot steam!!

    “I have managed a bath house in the Philippines (epitome malate 2007-2012) and I am a frequent bath house goer since college days, from Club Bath Philippines, Fahrenheit, We'reHaus (formerly Mansion), so I know what customers felt, and management can do. Ten Mens is like how should I put it. Interesting layout of sort. You have seniors on one side, chubs on the other, yuppies coming late in the afternoon after work. Not much younger generation here. The maze hallways and allocation of rooms are very inviting, the steam room is perfect HOT, though its true some are peeing inside after having a hot encounter. I guess you cant teach good manners and etiquette, and you can't teach social graces but then again, the place is OK, it needs more apt for more action. Management should plan some members to play and show in one room to heat up like in a certain time, so people can enjoy, excite a bit! Well there was one time, I did witness it....everybody was excited!! so there.... Mama Sam“

  42. S Sumon
    Low level of customer service

    “Though I'm a regular customer, always find they have bad allocation of lockers area though visited there early during the time when they jus opened for biz and not many customers. Despite to that staff refuse to change lockers when I requested. I paid and leave! That's terrible!!!“

  43. A Anthony
    Friendly staff and customers

    “The place was very easy to find. I went 3 times during my stay in Singapore and had terrific encounters with very sexy good looking Chinese guys. I am a fan of Asian guys so I had a great time. The facilities are very clean and the staff are very friendly. So are the guys that go to this place. I am a non Asian and felt very much at home there. I miss this place!“

  44. J Joshy
    Nice features.

    “The place is clean and have nice facilities. I like the fact that the steam sauna room is cleaned daily within few hours. There is a lot of uncles who pee in there. Disgusting, they should pee at the urinal outside the room. Sigh. Even though the place is nice and clean but there is too many mature men aka uncles. I tried to visit the 2nd time, still too many uncles. Staff are friendly who greets guests arrival and leaving the sauna.“

  45. R Rufino
    A place to venture.

    “I had a great time visiting the club. Have been there three times but was never disappointed to have fun. The shower and steam room is very happening and the staff are kind and friendly. A good place to relax and relief stress. Awesome.“

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Rating: 3.6/5. From 118 votes.
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