THI Bar & Live Music

THI Bar & Live Music

THI Bar & Live Music

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224 De Tham St, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

One of the most popular bars in the Bui Vien backpacker's area, owned and run by a French-Vietnamese gay couple.

Mixed crowd. THI has a small bar and features live music every night. Very busy on the weekends. Regular happy hours; buy two get one free.

Weekday: Mon, Wed, Thu 6pm - 1am

Weekend: Fri-Sat 6pm - 2am, Sun 6pm - 1.30am

Free Wi-Fi
Live music
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I have been in Saigon for two weeks and YOU MUST go here! Fri and Sat are off the hook crowded! Insanely gorgeous Asian men, awesome music from a Filipino band and get the JUGS!!! LOVE THIS PLACE!


Super gay bar

Been there many times when I was in Ho Chi Minh. Great gay bar with cute and handsome Asian barmen. 80% Asian customers. Nice, live music with great singer. Prices are ok. I will come back. Recommend this place. Nice and friendly staff.


Friendly Staff

Good live music (option to sit out the front if too loud). Clear priced drinks and promotions. Friendly staff. We'll be back!


Dishonest Bar Staff!

I gave a 200,000 bill to the bartender since I didn’t get my change, I asked for it after a few minutes. He first acted as if he didn’t understand, then suddenly said “I gave you your change”. Perhaps an honest mistake on his part.


Homme Club - CLOSED

I have been tonight in Homme Club and what a surprise. I met the owner of the club. His name is Win. He was a really professional masseur. I have never had a massage like that in my entire life. I certainly recommend Win to all whom are looking for the best massage and masseur in Bangkok. Thank you so much Win. Thanks to Travel Gay Asia.


This is where you should go.

Very good gay bar, with live music and lots of nice people.


Hi R

Hey there, you come alone by yourself while all the tables are reserved of course our staffs won’t give you a table even that early - 7 pm and the bar corner are available for you to sit (sometimes is reserved here too) then you don’t want, you didn’t say to the staff you will sit on the booked tables for a few minutes. Then you walked outside and ask the staffs must call a cab for you if not you will call the police? What?? you were drunk before to come here, how we call the cab for a short distance for you go back to De Tham (our place 224 De Tham) ~ 0.1 mile. There is no cab will take you for that short distance and even outside not raining, pls tell the truth for anything you wrote here. Thanks!


Hi R

Hi, Our tables are all reserved in weekend, even you go with a group or alone by yourself we can’t give reserved table, it’s reserved!! So we have only seat at the bar corner for you and sometimes reserved too. wishkey bar (196 De tham) and thi bar (224 De tham st) not that far to asked for a cab, ~ 0,1mile.


Good bar and friendly staff

I always come to this bar when I am in town. This bar is the best gay bar with good live music. Drinks are good and cheap. Staff very friendly. A lot cute gay men there every weekend. I recommend this place. Never disappointed.



I went to this bar early last night to get a feel for it and to see if I wanted to have cocktails... Walked in there were 4 people at one table in the entire location but it was early. I was going to sit down and have a beer and watch the people come by, but noticed every table and Reserve sign on it at 7 p.m. in an empty bar! I asked the two people working there if I could sit and have a beer for a few minutes... Was told the only place I could sit was in a corner at the bar. Feeling that this was not a comfortable place for me, I asked them to call me a cab so I could go back to the whisky and Wares. Was told they do not call for taxis that I should stand outside in the rain and find my own. When I question this process they totally ignored any further questions. This bar is a rip off they don't care that somebody walks in who wishes to spend money. Whisky Wares is only half a block from this bar go down there where they're friendly that are kind of round-trip to call me a cab.


Khun Bög Sauna - CLOSED

Went to Khun last night and had quite possibly the worst massage experience ever. The receptionist suggested that I try a hybrid massage (Malay Urut & B2B) that cost RM135. I agreed and proceeded to the massage room downstairs. The session was very boring and the masseur (a 22-year-old guy) had no skills whatsoever. After the massage, I asked him where the sauna was apparently there was not a single soul in that entire building! Avoid this place.


Queen Resort

Total dump, even with the $5 offer it isn't worth it, and the guy at the reception didn't seem too understand what my issue was. It is a building site with nowhere to have fun.


Fun and nice

Loved this place, came with my friends and cousin and we had a good time.


not close

Thi bar is not close. Still open every day.


reopening 21st Feb

It's closed for TET holiday. Reopens on 21st Feb



This bar is closed and is replaced with another. Shame as it was a good bar.


Adam's Apple Male Massage - Closed

I have been to Adams Apple several times in May. It's a small, cosy place where all is about massage and nothing else. Nice, cute and very handsome guys. I tried other places in Bali, but this is the best if you don't want much 'chichi' (waterfall, pool and other extras). It's the best value for money you can get there. Try it out and you will not be disappointed! And by the way (let me say that to Mr. David and his comment below), if you come as a Western tourist to Bali and ask for something "extra" at a gay spa, you cannot really expect special treatments for only 5 dollars. This behavior is humiliating and disrespectful to the workers. If you know what they normally earn, you should be generous and spend a minimum of IDR 200000 or more as tip. That's not much for a European or an American, but it's a lot for them to get their life managed and make them happy also. It should be fair exchange, and not only the customers should feel happy after a good massage. Don't you think, Mr. David? I will come back and can recommend this place to every gay traveler! Peter


Adam's Apple Male Massage - Closed

This spa only has 3 rooms. Last time I went to Adams Apple with two friends, we didn't get a room because the place was full. We had to wait for an hour to get the service, but luckily it paid off with the good massage. I would recommend making an appointment before you go.


Two menu issue

Yes, beware. This bar has two menus. They look the same, but prices are different. A cocktail is D90000 in one menu, but D110000 in another. Having said that, they usually have live band everyday, starting 10 pm weekday and 9pm weekend. Maybe that's why they charge more. But the menu change does not go with the start of show. So, you must check every time you order and be clear with the waiter, to avoid misunderstanding. Otherwise you will feel ripped off. The staff are generally friendly though. And hey, it's Vietnam. People always want to squeeze a little bit more from you. So take it easy.


Banana Spa

Read the reviews and visited this week. Nice choice of guys and mine was very eager to please with a great smile and cute body. Massage was as hard or soft as I liked. Really soothing and professional. The tip to the masseur at the end was worth it (he was very accommodating to my wishes). Definitely going back in few days. I highly recommend it. But it is what it is, and you get what you pay for.


Benefit of the doubt

Hello there, If that is all really the truth, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. BUT let me advise you then to immediately give the right menu to the customer! If we see on the menu that a Tiger beer is 40.000 during happy hour and we get a bill of 120.000 for 2 beer, and all of a sudden you give us a menu with much higher prices, then I am sure you understand it comes across like a scam! At that point it was hard to believe anything else... As foreigners, we get ripped off all the time, whether it's by taxi drivers or in a hotel, so this seemed like yet another rip off. However, we don't wish anybody bad business and if you are sincerely telling the truth, we accept your apology and we might visit you again for another drink, this time with a smile! :-)


Hi Kevin

The first, we apologize to you, but we NEVER have happy hour whichever 2 drinks for 1, our Happy hour always 3 for 2, ALWAYS. The second, we have 2 price which earlier are cheaper and late price with live music just 20,000 VND more, our Tiger beer for the late night 60.000 not 70.000 VND same what you said, and we still have Happy hour. We have 4 board writing clearly that Buy 2 & get 1 free you can see in the door and the wall. And what you told us the truth? You shout it to the bartender that you don't care what we explain to you. And if you want free second drink you can sign up Thi bar on Travelgayasia. Thank you!


Rude receptionist

The staff have no manners at all, and do not to tell you the information nicely. If you want to get angry, just go KKK.


Two price lists

This place is a complete rip off! They lie have 2 menus with different prices for the same drinks so they can fool you! We went to this place and they told us it was happy hour. When asked specifically what it meant, they told us clearly it was 2 drinks for 1, all night long. We took a look at the card and ordered a Tiger beer for 40.000. We got 2 beer and the bill was 120.000. When asked how this was possible, the bartender all of a sudden said the 3rd one would be for free. The first lie! But 120.000 was clearly still too much so we asked for the menu. We got a different card from the back and all of a sudden a Tiger beer was 70.000! We knew we got fooled so we grabbed the other menu which we had earlier from behind the counter, and when we compared them we saw that it was exactly the same menu but the second one had much higher prices... The bartender tried to grab it back but that's when we knew it was all a scam... The second lie! So we got angry, told them the truth and left...


Aqua closed

Aqua bar has been closed now for a month. It has been replaced with a common cafe and juice bar. That leaves only 1 gay bar in Hanoi (see G/C Bar)



Went here, got a nice safe feeling. Not very busy, but met one strong, handsome Korean men - he was very strong. Took a shower, and same man followed me, more fun. Cost 9000 won, I stayed for a few hours - not 24 that's just crazy. Lady reception is ok.


BathHaus for Gays

Nice place for gay pips. Its good that there is a private place like this where gays can meet and have an intimate time.


The worst dump ever

This place is dank and charmless. Just don't bother. No redeeming features, and for the traveler a waste of time and money.


Not bad

In comparison with other places, not so bad..


Very nice bar and live music

Been there many time always good music. Good and cheap drink.young vietnamese gay people come there....staff very friendly. Will be back for sure.


Thi &Bả

Love this place and friendly staff with live music everyday

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