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Gay France

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Paris Hotels


Gay Nice • Hotels

Fabulous Nice hotels. Exclusive reviews. Save up to 75%.

Nice • Gay Bars

Some of the most popular gay bars on the French Riviera.

Gay Paris • Luxury Hotels

Want to be impressed in bed? Check our top 5-star Paris hotels. Huge savings.

Paris Gay Bars

Our roundup of the best gay bars in Paris. Photos, maps and more.

LGBT Rights in France

Trending Hotels

Beachfront location.

Hyatt Regency Palais de la Méditerranée

Beachfront location. Great view. Walk to Castel Plage beach.

prices & pictures

Nice : 5-star

Near the gay nightlife.

Hotel du Vieux Saule

Near the gay nightlife. Great value & service.

prices & pictures

Paris : 3-star

Close to gay nightlife.

Little Palace Hotel

Close to gay nightlife. Excellent location. Popular choice.

prices & pictures

Paris : 4-star

Central location.

Le Relais du Marais

Central location. Walk to gay bars. Great value.

prices & pictures

Paris : 2-star

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Gay Group Trips


Gay Group Trip: Provencal Cycling Tour

From 8 days - From £2815
Next departure: 19th May 2019 Sunday

A gay group trip for those who like a challenge: take a beautiful biking tour with other gay men through Provence, France through winding country...


Gay Group Trip: The Shady Ladies Of Paris

From 7 days - From £2665
Next departure: 17th July 2019 Wednesday

Paris has long been associated with decadence. Many of its most outrageous historical figures have been women, and they have dominated the culture...

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France Events

 | Cabaret Sauvage : Paris | 2019-03-24 Celebrating 15 years of “The Gay Morning Club of Paris” @ Cabaret Sauvage, hosted by John Dix...

 | : Paris | 2019-06-01 Disney Pride – Let the Magic Begin! If you love a great party and are a fan of Disneyland® Paris, then...

 | Docks Eiffel, Pullman and Gibus Club : Paris | 2019-06-28 until 2019-06-30 • Friday, June 28th Opening Party @ Gibus Club from 11:45pm • Saturday, June 29th BIG Truck at La Mar...

 | various venues : Paris | 2019-06-29 The largest LGBT event in France. Each year, over half a million people come to the Parisian streets to t...

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Featured Venues

Impérial Discothèque

 | Lyon

Late-night dance party for gays and friends in Lyon.


 | Marseille

Gy bar & nightclub near Old Port station in Marseille.

Club Le7

 | Nice

Large gay cruise bar with all the facilities.

Open Café

 | Paris

The meeting epicentre of the Paris gay scene.

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Recent Reviews

march 2019 “I was there two times on Wednesday and Friday from 19:30. Few people most of them over 45 onwards. Little…”Genis on Les Bains Thai, Paris

Dirty dirty dirty “The water in the jacuzzi is never changed.”Claude on Sauna S64, Bayonne

peu fréquenté “I have frequented the place for years but it must be noted that there are fewer and fewer people. The…”Gilles Derais on Le Sling, Lille

Fun Place! “Always a hot and hard experience here! Nice staff, one drink included, and lots of action.”Bob on L’Impact, Paris

le meilleur sauna parisien... “The best in terms of equipment and customers, just listen to the advice of customers to improve...”Pluchon on Sun City, Paris

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News & Features

Eiffel Tower in gay Paris

Why Paris Has The Best Gay Village In Europe

It’s not often I fall in love with something (or someone) in a matter of minutes, but in Paris I did just that. The architecture, the history, the pretty little cafes and pop-up furniture shops, the crepes, the men; I loved it all. I was drunk in love, and my affection stemmed from Paris’ fantastic […] Read more

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