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Gay France

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Paris Hotels


Nice • Gay Bars

Some of the most popular gay bars on the French Riviera.

Gay Nice • Hotels

Fabulous Nice hotels. Exclusive reviews. Save up to 75%.

Gay Paris • Luxury Hotels

Want to be impressed in bed? Check our top 5-star Paris hotels. Huge savings.

Paris Gay Bars

Our roundup of the best gay bars in Paris. Photos, maps and more.

Trending Hotels

Beachfront location.

Hyatt Regency Palais de la Méditerranée

Beachfront location. Great view. Walk to Castel Plage beach.

prices & pictures

Nice : 5-star

Near the gay nightlife.

Hotel du Vieux Saule

Near the gay nightlife. Great value & service.

prices & pictures

Paris : 3-star

Close to gay nightlife.

Little Palace Hotel

Close to gay nightlife. Excellent location. Popular choice.

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Paris : 4-star

Central location.

Le Relais du Marais

Central location. Walk to gay bars. Great value.

prices & pictures

Paris : 2-star

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France Events

 | Cabaret Sauvage : Paris | 2018-09-30 Paris after-hours party, hosted by John Dixon R...

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Recent Reviews

J'ai bien aimé “I discovered this place last Wednesday, September 19, the locals are quite what I like, ideal to satiate our fantasies…”Patrice on Klub Cruising, Marseille

Bon endroit, mais.. “I discovered today this place, I think it was a former sauna. I loved it, only a pity that there…”Patx on Klub Cruising, Marseille

Turned away 15 sep 18 “Not a place to go if you are black and a lone visitor - just got turned away from sauna.…”Emery on Le Sun Lyon, Lyon

Fine if you like smoking “I stayed here for 20 minutes and my clothes stunk of cigarette smoke when I left. I thought there were…”Robin on L’Endroit Night Bar, Marseille

Utterly horrible “I went to this place today and couldn't believe how sinister it felt. So unfriendly. There were only a few…”Rob on Klub Cruising, Marseille

Featured Venues

Sauna Thiers

 | Bordeaux

Gay sauna in Bordeaux with modern, well-equipped facilities.

Impérial Discothèque

 | Lyon

Late-night dance party for gays and friends in Lyon.


 | Marseille

Gy bar & nightclub near Old Port station in Marseille.

Sauna Le 36

 | Montpellier

Large gay sauna & cruise club in Montpellier.

Club Le7

 | Nice

Large gay cruise bar with all the facilities.

Open Café

 | Paris

The meeting epicentre of the Paris gay scene.

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News & Features

Eiffel Tower in gay Paris

Why Paris Has The Best Gay Village In Europe

It’s not often I fall in love with something (or someone) in a matter of minutes, but in Paris I did just that. The architecture, the history, the pretty little cafes and pop-up furniture shops, the crepes, the men; I loved it all. I was drunk in love, and my affection stemmed from Paris’ fantastic […] Read more