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Gay Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest and most popular city, offers a fascinating history, beautiful sightseeing and thriving gay nightlife.

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Istanbul Hotels


Istanbul • Saunas & Hamams

The best saunas and popular Hammams for gay travellers.

Istanbul Gay Dance Clubs

A roundup of Istanbul's best gay dance clubs & parties.

Gay Istanbul • Hotels

Fabulous hotels for the sights & scene. Save up to 75%.

Istanbul Gay Bars & Cafés

Explore Istanbul's lively gay bar & café scene.

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Trending Hotels

Fabulous location.

Radisson Blu Istanbul Pera

Fabulous location. Near famous shops, tourist sights, gay bars. Great gym.

prices & pictures

Istanbul : 5-star

Walk to gay clubs.

Pera Luna Residence

Walk to gay clubs. Stylish design. Great staff.

prices & pictures

Istanbul : 3-star

Near Taksim Square.

Ottopera Hotel

Near Taksim Square. Great for sightseeing, shopping and gay scene.

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Istanbul : 4-star

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all hotels in Istanbul
top trending hotels in Istanbul

cosmopolitan area and centre of art, entertainment and nightlife

Taksim Square / gay scene
major tourist destination and hub of Istanbul's shopping and gay nightlife

Gay Group Trips


Gay Group Trip: Turkey Culture And Heritage

From 13 days - From £4555
Next departure: 6th October 2019 Sunday

Join a gay group trip and discover the cultural riches of Turkey. From Hagia Sophia to the ruins of Ephesus and the Caves of Cappadocia. As well as...

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Recent Reviews

Not gay but more Metrosexual and ready to rip you off “I went there yesterday evening with my bf - was a bit hard to find, as we had no network…”Peter on Chianti Bar

Love Daddies “Please follow your Google map accordingly and don’t miss a single street. I was lost for almost 3 hours and…”Md on Sifa Hamami (Yesildirek)

Super nice “I was there on Friday around 6pm. I was sceptical at the begging because of the reviews here. Stuff really…”George on Firuzaga Hamami

Not the most glorious place “Visited this Hamam. Waited a little bit more after I had read the reviews here. Well. It's a Hamam. Not…”Petri on Firuzaga Hamami

Good place “It is a traditional Turkish bathhouse. 40TL for the entrance with a locker or a private room (generally full). There…”Matis on Firuzaga Hamami

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Featured Venues

Haspa Bar

Gay café bar with live Turkish music and male belly dancing.

Tek Yön

Istanbul's biggest gay club.

Love Dance Point

Popular weekend gay dance club.

Aquarius Sauna

24-hour male sauna & gym.