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It’s no secret that Malta is a remarkably beautiful island destination boasting stunning countryside, ancient cities, and charming villages, but perhaps the greatest attraction of this Mediterranean wonderland is its fringe of world-class beaches and coastal communities.

Malta has consistently been voted one of Europe’s top destinations for LGBTQ+ people to not only live but also to visit. As such, it should come as no surprise that the country’s capital has been selected to host 2023’s EuroPride celebrations.

Spread out across the vast Coachella Valley, and encompassing nine characterful cities, Greater Palm Springs is one of the top destinations in the US for LGBTQ+ travelers seeking a satisfying mix of exploration and relaxation.

Greater Palm Springs is a true oasis of art, culture, and LGBTQ+ community in the sprawling Coachella Valley. This desert destination is characterized by its breathtaking views, clear skies, and abundance of luxury resorts and hotels.

It’s no secret that Toronto is one of the most liberal and open-minded cities in the world. In fact, it’s often ranked as one of the best places in the world to be LGBTQ+, and it is equally welcoming to gay, lesbian, and trans travelers.

There is always something new to discover in Toronto. A gateway to Canada, the city is a thriving cultural hub thanks to its renowned museums, theaters, music scene, and eclectic arts.

Take a modern, cosmopolitan city, add in year-round sunshine and combine that with some of the best gay nightlife in the world, and what do you have? The answer’s simple; Sydney.

Our guide covers everything you need to know about Benidorm Pride: the parade, the festival, the street parties, and events this year!

Our guide covers everything you need to know about Brighton Pride: the parade, the festival, the street parties, and events this year!

Beautiful beaches, fantastic year-round weather, and some of the world’s best LGBTQ+ nightlife- it’s hardly surprising that Thailand is one of Travel Gay’s most popular destinations.


LGBTQ+ guide to Frankfurt, the fifth-largest city in Germany. It’s a financial powerhouse and it has a decent gay scene.


What comes to most people’s minds when thinking about Zurich is money, finance, and banks.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a major gay hotspot. You have the sun, the sea and plenty of hot easy-going people to mingle and have fun with.

Soho is the UK’s biggest gaybourhood. It’s right in the heart of London, nestled between Mayfair and Covent Garden.

Sip N Twirl Nightclub Fire Island New York

Fire Island is very popular with LGBT travelers coming from all over America, but mainly Manhattan, New York and is referred to as ‘Chelsea with Sand’.

Gay movie Firebird, actor Tom Prior

Firebird tells an unlikely love story. Two soldiers on a Soviet base in Estonia have an intense and dangerous affair. Tom Prior plays Sergey. He also co-wrote the script. We caught up with him to discuss the film, mindfulness, gay travel and more.

The Eagle DC

Here’s our guide to some of America’s finest gay cruise clubs and adult entertainment venues.


In the weeks and months following the Stonewall riots, Christopher Street was a hive of radical activism. Inspired by the events of the 28th June 1969 queer people from across New York had taken to the streets; organising, campaigning and protesting.

Book a ferry in Greece

Booking a ferry in Greece is relatively straightforward and getting between islands like Mykonos and Santorini is easy.


The first time you step into a gay sauna can be an unnerving experience. What exactly are you supposed to do when you’re inside?


The cobblestone streets, historic squares and underground bars give Krakow and atmospheric quality.


Welcoming upwards of 12 million visitors per year, Istanbul is the world’s fifth-most populous tourist destination.


The capital of Hungary has been the focal point of numerous occupations and revolutions in its modern history and evidence of this past can still be observed today.

Trans Pride Manchester

Trans Pride events in the UK are growing year by year from recent and humble origins.

Kuala Lumpur

A city where state of the art glass skyscrapers line leafy and pleasant downtown streets, Kuala Lumpur is a unique and exciting location.


Malta is a dream destination for culture and history buffs. It may be a small island but Malta has played an outsized role in history.


Rich with history, full of dark and mysterious corners, and home to some of the UK’s most lively nightlife, Edinburgh is a city just waiting to be discovered


Nowhere is as synonymous with the word “quirky” quite as much as Helsinki, and the capital of Finland has been a bastion of progressive politics, design innovation, and gay culture for centuries.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that Bruges was the whimsical set of a blockbuster fairytale film, but this gorgeous city is actually one of the best-preserved in Europe.


In this vibrant and electrifying city, the residents have decided to shed to the conservatism of wider Japanese society, gaining a reputation as one of the world’s most fun-loving destinations.


An urban sprawl amidst the vast Great Plains, Missouri’s capital city is the home of BBQ, jazz, and what used to be called the American Dream.

st louis

The Great Plains and the Mississippi River are two of the USA’s most stunning and famous natural wonders, and St Louis enjoys a prime position alongside both.


Mumbai is a megacity. It’s the largest city in India and home to an astounding 21 million people.

Gilli Islands

Bali is a treasure trove of culture, ancient history, and breath-taking natural landscapes.

Kon-Tiki Museum

Norway’s capital might not have a party scene to rival Europe’s other major capitals but it’s a cultural powerhouse.


Oslo is a very cultured city with a long history. Standards of living are high. The city is packed with museums.

Great Wall of China in Beijing

Beijing is a city like no other. A sprawling metropolis, the city is the capital of China and the most populous city in the world

greece beach

Nowhere does beaches quite like Greece, and with thousands of islands, miles of coastline, and a Mediterranean climate, it’s no surprise that you’ll find some of the world’s best gay beaches in Greece.

costa rica

Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica’s most popular coastal towns, and it is quickly garnering a reputation as a hotspot of LGBT+ tourism.

Mexico City - Day of the Dead

The capital of Mexico and South America’s second-largest city, Mexico City is a vibrant and action-packed melting pot of cultures, history and art.

LGBT+ Tour Santiago

A hub of cosmopolitan living situated in the middle of the Andes, Santiago is packed with culture, culinary adventure and natural beauty.

Tamarama Beach Sydney

Everyone loves the beach – and gay beaches are even better! Europe has plenty of great gay beaches including in Mykonos, Ibiza and Gran Canaria.

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia. Although it has a long history, Phnom Penh didn’t become the capital until the French colonial period.


One, two, cha cha cha… welcome to Medellin. Colombia’s second city has become an increasingly popular tourist destination.


Ibiza is a fairly small island but it’s one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe.

Gay Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina is home to 15.6 million people and is one of the most multicultural cities in South America.

Gay Mexico City

The capital of Mexico and South America’s second-largest city, Mexico City is a vibrant and action-packed hub of culture, history and art.


Providence was founded in 1636, making it one of the oldest cities in the USA. It’s a classically English Puritan settler name for a city.

Gay Detroit

Known as ‘The Motor City’ for its long and established history with car manufacturing. It’s also the birthplace of Madonna.

Things to do in Warsaw

Poland’s capital has been through a lot. However, it has never let its past define its present and modern-day Warsaw is an exciting and lively place to visit.


Dublin has been a bustling and lively city ever since it was developed as a Viking trading settlement and today it continues to be a hub of business, politics and entertainment.

Space Needle

Seattle is one of America’s most exciting cities, not to mention one of its greenest cities.

Dublin hotel guide for gay travelers

The capital and largest city in Ireland is a hub of cosmopolitan living and liberal attitudes in what, in some respects, can still be a socially conservative country.


Milan is Italy’s second most populous city and the country’s economic powerhouse. Milan represents a lifestyle of effortless chic, long lunches and trendy nightlife.

Bondi Beach

Sydney’s beaches can offer endless action and fun as well as the opportunity for relaxation in an otherwise bustling city.

Tel Aviv skyline

Tel Aviv is a very modern city – its first foundations were laid in 1906. It’s by far the most liberal and progressive city in the Middle East.


There is a wealth of gay venues in Tampa’s gay district of Ybor City, a historic and diverse area that is known for its thriving nightlife and unique architecture.

Gay Pride Madrid

Madrid is a city like no other. Often overshadowed by its northern neighbour Barcelona, there is a sense of cultural richness in the city that is matched by very few destinations.

San Diego

Much like its Californian neighbors of San Francisco and Los Angeles, San Diego is a welcoming and inclusive city for LGBT+ people.

Waikiki beach Honolulu

Whilst Honolulu doesn’t have the same expansive gay scenes as cities such as San Fransisco or Palm Springs, it does have a handful of gay bars, clubs and hotels.

Golden Gate Park

San Francisco is one of the most exciting cities in America to explore. Its economy has boomed in recent years, driven by the vast wealth of Silicon Valley.


Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the sixth-largest in the country. The birthplace of the United States, cheesesteaks and Rocky, Philadelphia is teeming with rich culture and history.


Nashville is famed as the de facto capital of country music. Many of America’s greatest singers got their big break in Nashville, not least Dolly Parton.

Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is known as “Steel City” due to its industrial heritage. It’s a liberal-minded city with a surprisingly good gay scene.

The Masthead Resort Provincetown

Sandy beaches, lighthouses, sloping dunes and a thriving gay community all come to mind when thinking of Provincetown.

Cape Town

Nestled on the rugged coast of South Africa, Cape Town is a city of extremes, in every sense of the word.


Dallas is a sprawling and breathtaking metropolis of high-rise buildings, heritage architecture and a thriving LGBT+ community.

Gay Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of neighborhoods and districts, and it has a lot of them. Part of what makes the city so special is the distinctions between each of its many areas.


Sitting on the banks of Lake Michigan and holding the title of the third-largest city in the USA, Chicago is a location that is deeply entrenched in its culture and community.

Bogota street art

The capital of Colombia is the cosmopolitan heart of the country, where cobbled backstreets meet towering feats of contemporary architecture. Bogota is a densely populated urban sprawl nestled amongst some of the most impressive mountain ranges in the world and boasting a deeply embedded and fascinating culture.

Le Marais is one of the most iconic districts in Paris. It is the main hub is Paris’ gay community and also its Jewish community.

Mykonos town

It’s traditionally never been easy to find a taxi in Mykonos. But in the last few years with the rise of apps, it is now easier to book a taxi – though there are still challenges!

Stumptown Brewery Bar Guerneville California

If you’re looking for a gay staycation in California, this tiny town is a great choice. Guerneville is just an hour and a half away from San Francisco by car.

Walt Disney World Orlando

With its vibrant and colorful neighbourhoods, close proximity to some of the USA’s best beaches and a thriving downtown, Orlando is one of the most exciting and promising destinations in the USA.

Gay Atlanta

The capital of Georgia and home to more than 6 million people, Atlanta is a vibrant and sprawling metropolis that has a unique history and culture.

Fort Lauderdale gay vacations

With its stretching coastline of sandy beaches, tropical climate and thriving gay district, Fort Lauderdale has quickly evolved into the gay capital of Florida and this exciting and beautiful location is teeming with possibilities for exploration and entertainment.

Toronto is repeatedly voted one of the best places in the world to live and is an equally enjoyable destination for gay travelers.


Montreal is often credited with combining the charm of continental Europe and the modernism that is typical of North America and this is a generally accurate summary.

Gay Athens

Athens is an intoxicating collection of ancient history, authentic and untouched neighborhoods, affordable luxury and a unique gay scene.


Stroll through the swanky Beacon Hill neighborhood, try some clam chowder and have a cup of tea at the Boston Tea Party Museum. You’ll find a small gay scene in Boston.


Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and until 1968 was hidden from the rest of the world by the Iron Curtain.


Taipei is known for being one of Asia’s most liberal and diverse cities and this is definitely reflected in the vibrant and ever-growing art scene.

Canada’s largest city is widely considered to have one of the best standards of living in the world, and it’s an equally fantastic destination for travelling.

Süleymaniye Mosque

Istanbul is a sprawling city that connects Europe and Asia and is one of the world’s most lively and interesting destinations.

Ho Chi Minh

Until 1975, Saigon was the official name for the city now known as Ho Chi Minh City. Named in the dedication of the president of Vietnam after the fall of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest city in Vietnam.

Gay Group Trip: Key West and Florida Keys

Key West is one of the best destinations in Florida for art and culture. It’s long been a draw for writers and artists. Key West is the ultimate American writer’s retreat.

New Orleans

New Orleans has one of the best gay scenes in South America. It’s one of America’s most liberal cities, not to mention one of the most hedonistic.

Brussels Belgium

The art nouveau lined streets of Brussels are like none other in the world. The intimate and charming alleyways that encircle the city’s main centre are alive with art, culture and food.

David Bowie mural Brixton

Gentrification and development pose a number of threats to London’s population but also contribute to creating exciting and lively neighborhoods.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is arguably the most exciting city on earth. The sprawling metropolis is known for its towering skyscrapers, the archipelago of bustling islands and green covered mountains. The city is the stomping ground of the world’s elite and it oozes wealth and luxury.

Times Square

There’s no shortage of things to do in New York. You could spend a lifetime exploring the Big Apple.


Brooklyn is a melting pot of identity, heritage and culture. It’s something of a hipster’s paradise.


The capital city of Austria oozes LGBT+ culture and pride, with the first Vienna Rainbow parade taking place in 1996 and a history of powerful and elite LGBT+ figures seeking refuge in the city.


In addition to being the heart of gay culture in Barcelona, Eixample is also a hub of shopping, entertainment, and nightlife, drawing countless gay travelers from across the globe every year.

Gran Canaria

With year-round sun, some of the best gay clubs and bars in the world, and a history of tolerance and acceptance, Gran Canaria is a gay paradise.


No one is suggesting that Manila is the most beautiful city in the Philippines, but its prominence as one of the world’s most exciting, vibrant and action-packed destinations for gay travelers is undisputed.

Gay Auckland

Known as the “City of Sails”, Auckland is built around two harbours and it has a strong maritime identity.


The Fado style of singing emerged in Portugal in the 1820s and is known for songs about the struggles of daily life, heartbreak, and desire.

Mitad Del Mundo

Ecuador’s capital and most populous city has long been a popular destination. It’s home to Ecuador’s biggest gay scene.

Ni-Chome's gay scene

Tokyo is a city of extremes; and the city’s gay district- Ni-Chome- is no exception. Housing the world’s highest concentration of gay bars; Ni-Chome is an area of the Shinjuku district known as one of Tokyo’s loudest and most crowded wards.


Ayutthaya, or Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya to give it its full name, was the second capital of Siam. It flourished for four centuries, until it was partly destroyed by the Burmese in 1767.


Florence is one of the world’s most intimate and romantic Cities. Boasting some of the most impressive architecture, galleries and cathedrals; it’s a must-visit destination for any travelers looking to experience unique cultural heritage.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro is a vibrant and exciting gay destination, known worldwide for its pristine sandy beaches, annual carnival and stunning landscape.

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is an ancient palatial complex in Beijing, the capital of China, a city with over three thousand years of history.

Shibuya Crossing

Tokyo is the world’s largest city and this sprawling metropolis has something to offer for everyone, from ancient Buddhist temples to state of the art technological wonders.

Amsterdam canals at night

Amsterdam is one of the world’s most gay-friendly cities with a long and established history of supporting its LGBT residents and tourists alike.

Old Town/Vieux Nice

Nice is a coastal city on the French Riviera. It’s one of France’s top tourist destinations. Nice has long been popular with gay travelers. You’ll find a lively gay scene centred around several bars and clubs.

Charles Bridge

Prague is one of the most enigmatic cities in Europe. It offers an enticing combination of high culture and hedonism. Drinks are cheap in Prague and you can find very good hotel deals. It’s a great place for an affordable city break.


The culture of the Weimar ranged from smoke-filled cabarets, Bauhaus architecture, groundbreaking movies and also the world’s first fully-fledged, visible gay scene.

The Week

Sao Paulo is one of the world’s largest and most densely populated cities. It also boasts one of the world’s largest gay scenes. Sao Paulo Pride is the biggest gay Pride parade on the planet, and The Week is the world’s largest gay club.


Manchester has one of the best gay scenes in Europe. It’s a big, brash city with amazing nightlife and fascinating history.

Provincetown · Gay Dance Clubs

Provincetown is one of the best destinations in the USA for gay travelers. It’s a small town in a remote setting at the tip of Cape Cod.


Itaewon is Seoul’s party district. Most gay bars and clubs in Seoul can be found in Itaewon. It’s known as Homo Hill for a reason.

The Casto is San Francisco’s legendary gay district. It became one of America’s first gayborhoods. In the 70s, following the Stonewall Uprising and the first Pride march, the Castro was the headquarters of the gay liberation movement.

Key West Pride Rainbow Flag

Key West is one of the best destinations in the US for gay travelers. As the “southernmost point in the continental US”, Key West is one of the most remote parts of the country.


West Hollywood is one of America’s biggest gaybourhoods. It’s packed with gay bars and gay clubs. West Hollywood – or WeHo – is the place to be if you want to party.

The Trevi Fountain

Rome is more than a collection of historical relics. It’s a buzzing city with an excellent culinary scene, many great hotels and a small gay scene.


Milan is the home of Italy’s great fashion houses. It’s a city of great charm, not to mention style.

Brighton Beach

Brighton is a party city on the south coast. Hailed as the gay capital of the UK, it’s a very liberal place with an anything-goes vibe.

Alfama District

Lisbon has emerged as one of the most exciting cities in Europe. It attracts around 3 million tourists each year. Now is the best time to see it as it’s in the process of being gentrified.


Athens is a bustling, somewhat chaotic city. It’s most famous for its extraordinary relics from antiquity. Athens is worth a visit just to get a glimpse of the ancient world.

Park Güell

To this day, Sagrada Familia remains unfinished. It has to be the most famous unfinished building in the world. It will be completed, in theory, in 2026.


Shanghai is China’s biggest and richest city. It’s known as the “Oriental Paris” and it’s every bit as advanced as the French capital. Shanghai is roughly three times bigger than New York. You can spend a lot of time here and barely scratch the surface.

Mykonos town

Mykonos is Europe’s most popular gay vacation spot. It’s Greece’s most glamorous and exciting island.

Go to Sydney

Sydney is such a great city. It has the excitement of London and New York, but it also has great weather, easily accessible beaches and the people are actually friendly.


My boyfriend and I recently went on an incredible (and rather eye-opening) trip to Dubai. What does Gay Dubai mean from a safety and excitement point of view?

Gay Puerto Vallarta - Almar Resort

Puerto Vallarta, also known as PV, is home to Latin America’s biggest gayborhood: Zona Romantica. It’s a major draw for North American tourists.


Paris is one of the world’s most visited cities. For many years, Paris dictated global trends in fashion, food, architecture and design. Paris led and other cities followed.


Montreal boasts one of the biggest gay villages in the world. It’s about a 15-minute walk from the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, the historic part of the city.

Travel Gay started life as a gay guide to Bangkok. Two of our founders are locals, so we’ve got the insider’s guide to the best street food in Bangkok.

Love & Resistance: Stonewall 50 @ NYC Public Library

New York remains a gay mecca and one of the world’s greatest cultural melting pots. You’ll find LGBT- landmarks throughout the city.


This guide will introduce you to some of the landmarks locals tend to frequent, from parks to gay bars to creepy museums.

Miami Winter Party

Miami has long been a popular destination for gay travelers in Florida. Its gay scene dates back to the 1930s. Miami is currently home to one of the world’s largest LGBT+ populations.


Gary Marion goes by the drag name “Sushi.” Key West regulars will know her well and she’s making masks to aid frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Berlin Wall

There are around 170 museums in Berlin and most of them are free. Berlin’s turbulent history is totally unique. Its fortunes have waxed and waned dramatically over the last couple of centuries. Great capital cities tend to be home to lots of old buildings. As Berlin was reduced to rubble in 1945, all the old stuff […]

Dusty Springfield

The Netherlands became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage in 2001. Since then, almost thirty countries have followed suit. But when do you think the first celebrity gay wedding took place? Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi? Maybe Elton John and David Furnish? They may have been the first legal same-sex marriages, but the […]


It’s a question many tourists ask when they arrive in Berlin. The most notorious nightclub in Europe has a strict door policy. Some have argued that the bouncers use an unknowable logic to determine whether they say “Jah” or “Nein”. You simply have to queue in the cold for hours and hope for the best.

From Tokyo to Berlin, we’ve gathered together a list of our most booked hotels over the last year. Some are gay hotels, others are gay-popular. Travel Gay is the world’s most visited gay travel website. We get over 50 million page views per year. You can guarantee that our most booked hotels reflect the tastes […]

The Big Coconut Guesthouse

Wanting a romantic, cultural or party-fuelled getaway in a gay guesthouse? Look no further – here’s our roundup of the best gay-stays in the USA. From Provincetown to Boston, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of gay guesthouses. Provincetown & Cape Cod, Massachusetts Inn at 7 Central Stay central in the gay-haven that is Provincetown by […]


Did you see TravelGay on Ru Paul’s Drag Race? We were featured in this week’s episode as the prize in the maxi challenge which saw the queens competing in the Monster Ball. The winner was Brooke Lynn Heights who is the recipient of a $3000 voucher to spend with TravelGay. Look out for our sister […]


Here’s our guide to the struggle for gay rights in Jamaica, with reference to the work of LGBT activists, J-Flag.

A big, bustling cosmopolitan city with many things to do and see, some of which you may have never even heard of.

This dynamic Asian city has plenty to see, from amazing skyscrapers to historic sights that attract millions of visitors every year.

No gum, no smoking and no gay sex (don’t worry, this is one rule that’s ignored). Our Singapore Crib Sheet.

Gyeongbokgung Gate Seoul

Got 24 hours to get a glimpse of this incredible city? Then these suggestions are for you.

That first trip to Singapore sparked a thirst and desire to discover more about Asia, and marked the beginning of a whole new life journey for me.

Phuket Pride 2014

The biggest and most successful Pride event in Thailand. Full details of the week-long schedule of events and grand parade.

This years event kicked off in style with a fabulous Fairytale party. DJ Joe Gauthreaux (US), DJ George Leong (SG) kicked off this opening party.

Tony Moran headlines the Song Kran 8 Closing Party and debut’s his latest dance production, “I’m Not Coming Down”. Exclusive interview.

VIDEO – If you’ve never experienced SongKran, then you have never really experienced Thailand.

So you’ve done Bangkok, traveled north to Chiang Mai and ventured south to Phuket.  But have you considered Kanchanaburi? Kanchanaburi is a province in central Thailand, located to the west of Bangkok adjacent to Myanmar where rivers Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai meet.  For most visitors, the main attraction is the Bridge over the River Kwai, the start of […]


Looking for a gay adventure or a place to sip cocktails amidst a stunning backdrop? Our editor Kieran Watkins reckons New Zealand is the place for you.

Although best-known for gambling, Macau has a huge range of attractions that make it a worthwhile side trip from Hong Hong.

An introduction to one of the “Seven Wonders Of The World” and a renowned UNESCO World Heritage site.

Gay Malta

Here’s our exclusive guide to Malta’s gay scene. You won’t find a more gay-friendly country in Europe.

Gay Malta

Malta has topped the European Rainbow Index three years in a row. It is now, in legal terms, the most gay-friendly country in Europe.

The Monument Newcastle Gay Weekend Break Feature Article

Fantastic architecture, exquisite cuisine and a vibrant gay scene; our editor, Jamie Shepherd tells us how to spend an ideal gay weekend in his hometown Newcastle.

It’s not often I fall in love with something (or someone) in a matter of minutes, but in Paris I did just that. The architecture, the history, the pretty little cafes and pop-up furniture shops, the crepes, the men; I loved it all. I was drunk in love, and my affection stemmed from Paris’ fantastic […]

Amsterdam city centre

Everyone loves Amsterdam, especially gay men. Here’s the lowdown on what you should experience on a weekend break in the city.

Grand Place with colorful lighting at Dusk in Brussels.

Brussels is a charming, friendly city full of character. From the impressive Grand Place to the glistening buildings of the European Union, this city of one million inhabitants is packed full with history. It’s also one of the most liberal European states, being the second country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage way back […]

Halfway between Munich and Vienna, nearby beautiful mountains and lakes attract gay men for hiking, sailing or skiing. And Salzburgs artistic past, from Mozart onwards, has ensured the community has a liberal attitude towards sexual diversity. Indeed, in the 19th century, when the Emperor Franz Joseph became sick of the scandals of his transvestite younger […]

Spanish Secretary of State for Tourism was very specific. Spain wants to be the number one European, if not worldwide, gay holiday destination.

Explore this beautiful, historic city with enough culture and gay scene to keep you busy for days.

Top Gay Travel Tips for Gay Paris

Yes, you just have to visit the Eiffel tower, the Notre Dame and the Champs-Élysées. But for gay tourists there is just so much more to experience. Here’s our top tips for your itinerary.

Berliners first voted for a gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit, in June 2001 and, in 2014 he is still there, having won two more elections.