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Greek Gay Nudist Beach Roundup

Gay guys like nudist beaches. After all, they contain what we like the most: sea, sand and naked men.

Elia Beach on Mykonos is Greece's most famous gay beach destination, but the country offers a great choice of gay nudist beaches that are just waiting to be explored.



Myrtiotissa Beach

Myrtiotissa is one of the most spectacular and best-known nudist beach in Greece. Just 200 metres or so of fine sand is backed by stunning tree-lined cliffs. Facilities include umbrellas and deck chairs. Catch the bus to Glyfada from Corfu Town. The right-hand section by the cliffs and beyond is gay popular. Find gay-friendly Corfu hotels.



Saradari Beach

Located near the popular north coast resort of Hersonissos near Heraklion. Take the road to Creta Maris Hotel and continue north around the beach for about one kilometre. Park near Restaurant Saradari and follow the sign to the beach. The beach gets busy after 2pm and attracts Greek gay guys who work in nearby hotels. The beach is small, so it's easy to start chatting with someone.

Kavros Beach

If you holiday in Chania, visit the beach at Kavros. Drive to Georgoupolis. After the town, turn off into first car park on the left. Go east towards the dunes... and congratulations! You’ve reached Western Crete’s prime gay nudist spot. Budget-priced Hotel Mythologia, located on Kavros beach, is owned by a gay couple too.

Kommos Beach

In southern Crete try Kommos beach. On the road to Matala you’ll reach the village of Pitsidia. Follow the road round to the left that goes straight to the beach. The gay nudist area is close to the hills to the right of the archaeological site. This vast 2 km stretch of sand is the last of the 60'a hippy beaches where free love was practised. It hasn't changed that much. Find gay-friendly Crete hotels.



Small Banana Beach

Visiting Skiathos? Head for Small Banana beach (yes!). It’s well-known for nudism and some gay cruising after the rocks. Take the bus to bus stop 26 and walk to Banana Beach. Continue walking to the right from Banana beach (if facing the sea) around a big rock formation to find Small Banana.



Faliraki Beach

Faliraki is Rhodes' main nudist beach. It is divided into two sections. One is generally straight, whilst beyond an invisible line, the part with trees is almost exclusively gay. The beach is popular with gay people from all over Europe. The cruising area is by the dunes. It's an open gay area and it often gets busy. Read More: Gay Rhodes.



Eftalou Beach

Lesbos, the third biggest Greek island, is popular with lesbians, but there are also plenty of local gay men. The nudist beach, Eftalou has a long expanse of sand and pebble, but most visitors don't go beyond the small spa building sitting on top of the area's natural hot springs. The last two coves on Eftalou (easily signposted from Molyvos on the north coast) are almost exclusively gay and lesbian. Read More: Lesbos' lesbian bars.

The Cyclades

The Cyclades are some of Greece's most popular destinations, attracting thousands of tourists each year.


Mykonos has a number of gay beaches itself. So much so we've had to write a completely separate guide. Read More: Mykonos' gay beaches, Mykonos vs Ibiza vs Sitges.

Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Syros, Amorgos and Andros

A lot of these islands are pretty easy to get to from Mykonos - though some of them are worth staying at for a few days because they're all unique in their own right. Read More: Nude Beach Island-hopping from Mykonos.

Mainland Greece

Kalogria Beach near Patras

Kalogria is a fantastic beach, with fine sand that runs for 7km.  It's located just near Araxos Airport and runs parallel to the  Prokopou Lagoon on the Peloponnese peninsula. Its popular with gay sunbathers from Patras, the third-largest city in Greece. You can get to Kalogria from Patras by bus in 30 minutes (or drive). The gay section is beyond the hill on the right, past the beach bar. The main beach is not suitable for nudism.


Afytos is a nudist beach popular with locals, East Europeans and British holidaymakers. The gay section is the last beach after the village where there is a series of parts of sand surrounded by rocks. The alternative nudist beach is the sandy sweep of Agios Mamas. Because it is easier to find, it is more straight, although there are gay sunbathers. It is close to a Greek army base so who knows, you might be lucky.

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