Toronto: Not Just A Summer Destination

Toronto: Not Just A Summer Destination

There is always something new to discover in Toronto. A gateway to Canada, the city is a thriving cultural hub thanks to its renowned museums, theaters, music scene, and eclectic arts. With blooming parks and sun-reflecting skyscrapers, there’s no denying that summer in Toronto is a uniquely special time of year. However, what is often overlooked is the frosted glory of winter and the flourishing beauty of spring in Ontario’s capital city. With Christmas food festivals, glistening natural landscapes, and seasonally exclusive cultural experiences, there are many reasons to visit the city outside of the summer months.

Read on to discover just some of the benefits of visiting Toronto this winter and spring.

Low Cost

One of the most obvious benefits of planning a trip to Toronto in the winter is the notable difference in price across the board. From hotel room rates and flights to tickets to cultural events and festivals, you’ll find the city to be far more affordable outside of the peak summer months. This means you can experience far more of the city for far less, offering a more intimate view of Toronto.

With more spending money in your pocket, you’ll also be able to take full advantage of the world-class range of high-end and high-street shops found throughout the streets of Toronto. If your taste sits at the luxury end of the scale, it’s worth visiting the upmarket neighborhood of Yorkville where the roads are lined with designer shops. Alternatively, the eclectic Leslieville district is the epicenter of vintage and reclaimed fashion in the city.


Toronto’s culinary scene is world-leading throughout the year, consistently attracting an international crowd of creative chefs and discerning foodies. The colder winter months are the perfect time to sample some of Canada’s best comfort food- think waffles, poutine, and the city's trademark fusion cuisines. Whatever your tastes, there's something to enjoy when it comes to Toronto’s awe-inspiring selection of restaurants and cafes. The highlight of Toronto’s culinary winter calendar is undoubtedly Winterlicious- a two-week celebration of mouth-watering culinary excellence that takes place across the city. Indulge in tastes and flavors from over 200 restaurants at great prices and get to know Toronto’s diverse selection of tastes and textures. Winterlicious is always a popular festival, so be sure to make reservations ASAP to avoid missing out on the city’s most exciting dining experiences.

Spring Sightseeing

There’s no getting around the year-round beauty of Niagara Falls and its surrounding natural landscape. Yet it’s in the spring that the falls are at their most visually stunning. Whilst the water never stops rushing, the winter chill sees noticeable ice build-up as the glaciers swell in size, however, by spring this ice is thawing and transforming the scenery, creating a uniquely magical sightseeing experience. It’s the perfect time to cruise Niagara’s lower levels and experience the true majesty of this towering natural icon. On particularly crisp spring days, the raging glory of Niagara Falls can even be spotted from the aerial perspective of the CN Tower. This symbol of Toronto is the 2nd tallest freestanding structure in the world, and completely dominates the city’s skyline. It’s so impressive in fact, that it's even been categorized as one of the seven modern wonders of the world.

Winter Experiences

The character of Toronto is very much influenced by the seasons, and the winter months give rise to a number of activities and experiences that are uniquely afforded by the cold weather. Christmas markets and ice rinks begin to pop up throughout November and can be enjoyed up-until spring. Perhaps the most iconic of these exclusive winter experiences is the light show at Ontario Palace, where you can enjoy installations from seventeen well-known Canadian artists. Ice-skating underneath an active highway may seem like a strange way to spend a day

in Toronto, yet The Bentway is one of the most popular spots to make the most of the winter chill. The 1.5km figure-of-eight skating track is popular with people of all ages and even features an on-site village where traditional Canadian winter treats can be enjoyed.

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