South Beach Miami

Miami Gay Beaches

We've made a list of the best gay beaches along the Miami coastline. Nudity is not technically legal in Florida, but we've found the exception.

Miami Gay Beaches

12th Street Beach
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1200 Ocean , Miami, USA

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12th Street Beach is the most famous gay beach in Miami and part of the main strip of the famous South Beach. You'll find it where 12th Street and Ocean Drive converge. There are rainbow flags all over the beach so you can't miss it. It's an out loud and proud gay beach in the heart of Miami - featuring some of Florida's finest and most shirtless men. It's the place to be during Miami Pride.

If you're looking to park, you'll find a garage at 13th and Collins. There are also parking spaces along Ocean Drive between 5th and 15th Streets though it's often quite hard to find parking here.

Last updated on: 8-Aug-2023

Haulover Park
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Lifeguard huts #12-#16, 10800 Collins Ave, Miami, USA

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Haulover Park is Florida's only legal clothing-optional beach, and is a hotspot for LGBT beach-goers to relax and hang out (if you know what we mean).

The gay area is at Tower #15, 16, 17. You can drive to the parking lot by 15493 Collins Ave. It is an amazing beach, full of hot and often undressed guys - both locals and tourists.

The northern-most edge is where gay sunbathers tend to be found, but beware! Although it's legal to be nude, sexual behaviour is strictly against the rules and could land you in a sticky situation.

There's parasol and sun-lounger rental sites on the beach, as well as some food and drink stalls to quench your thirst, and trust us you will be thirsty.

Fun fact: Haulover Park used to hold the Guinness World Record for most people skinny-dipping (pictured)!

Last updated on: 2-Sep-2023

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