Boy Beach Provincetown

Boy Beach Provincetown

Boy Beach Provincetown

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Provincetown, USA

Boy Beach Provincetown
Close to Herring Cove Beach you'll find Provincetown's gay nudist beach. It's sometimes known as Boy Beach - or just The Gay Beach. It's a fairly slim stretch of beach and you'll often find hot men in their speedos and playing music on portable speakers.

A trail leads there from Province Land Road (route 6A). Go to the end of Bradford Street and turn right onto Province Land Road. From the bike stop - a wooden fence with lots of bikes secured to it - it's a 10-15 minute walk. You'll need to walk through the flat marshes and sometimes you may even need to wade through waist-high water. When it's high tide you might need to hold your belongings over your head! The best gay area of the beach is immediately on your left as you arrive. The further left you go the more nude and isolated the crowd gets.

A few warnings: You shouldn't swim alone at dawn or dusk or anywhere near seals. There are also Great White sharks in the area and you should watch out for the poison ivy in the dunes too.

If you're struggling to find it, you could follow the gays to find it - it isn't marked. Your magical gaydar should lead you there. Bring water as there are no shops by the gay beach.
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