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R3 Sauna
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R3 Sauna

502/373 Ratchada Soi 3, Bangkok, Thailand  map 

Men-only gay sauna with modern facilities on 6 floors. R3 Sauna (formerly “Ratchada Sauna”) features a large locker room, showers, dry sauna, steam room, gym, dark room, private cabins, internet access, rooftop terrace.

Located near Phra Ram 9 MRT station. From the station, walk towards Fortune Town mall, follow the side alley at the end of Tesco Lotus . Turn left at the end of the gate and take another left, the sauna will be on your right.

Or walk to Ratchada Soi 3, and at the first intersection (7Eleven on the corner), take a left and continue walking for about 300 metres.


lockers, sauna, steam room, maze, relaxing cabins, dark room, internet access

Updated: 07-Jul-2022

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  1. P Peter
    Fantastic or jsut average, depending where it takes place

    “Real and amazing action when O Party takes place downstairs (Access via stairs located at the back of the lockers room [1st floor], behind a permanently closed door): Full light, music like in a night club, Great ambiance.

    Their Special parties like for Christmas (December 24th, 2019) or Splash O’ Party on December 31st,2019 are not to be missed!

  2. L Leo
    Super fun Saturday with O-party

    “Visited RS on a Saturday night. Was intended as I planned to go to Chakran instead. However my first and only experience at RS could not be better. Apparently it is under the same boss as SM. I visited SM on Friday which was great, and I'd say Saturday night at RS was equally fun-filled. The O-party started at about 9pm. As the open area was smaller than RS, the crowd was much more packed and intimate. There must be more than 200 mens there. After the O-Party, the crowd would move upstairs to another storey of maze for even more group fun - lots of fun and actions guaranteed. It was very exciting and total unleash of desire. There were also 2 storeys of dark room. On Saturday night, lots of fit sexy Asian men were there and I had spent a few hours of nonstop fun. The sauna would open all the way till 6am and the entrance fee was THB 400 - totally worth it. Bring your own condoms and lub. I was not asked to show passport or ID. The facilities and cleanliness were on par with SM, probably somewhat more modern. The key point is that the crowd was equally superb at both SM (Fri) & RS (Sat) nights.“

    • J JL
      Reply to Leo

      “You wrote that were not asked to show passport or ID.
      Is it because you look young or because they changed their policy ?“

  3. J James
    Bring passport

    “Need to show passport. Not welcome as above 40“

  4. T Teo
    Nice sauna

    “Formerly R3 Sauna. The O-party is back on Saturdays! Not as busy as it used to be but still a very nice sauna compared to its sister, Sauna Mania. Price is fair and many local Thais and Chinese tourists attend this place.“

  5. J Joseph
    Ratchada Sauna (OPEN and same location)

    “R3 is renamed as Ratchada Sauna in the same location with same facilities. Mixed of young tourists (mostly Asians) and locals 20yo-35yo. Best time to visit, Friday and Saturday evening.“

  6. K Kevin
    It's open again...

    “Just been it's open but was very quiet.

    A few young Asian guys lurking about and I did have fun but very quiet

    July promo only 100 baht entry.“

  7. A Andy
    R3 is closed again after 3 days of reopening

    “Today (21 june 2018) at 3pm. I have recieved a short message from R3 team via Line group chat that It is closed again due to “Explosion of Transformer”. Further update will be advised once available.“

  8. S Sorn
    Police raided R3 Sauna two days ago. It is now closed.

    “On the night of 15 Apr 2018, Thai police raided R3Sauna and found over a hundred people. None was arrested but the sauna was shut down. This is very unfortunate as R3Sauna was the best sauna in Thailand.“

    • B Brian
      In memory of the best sauna in Bangkok

      “They were really successful for the past few years. I always had the best fun there. I hope the owner can get over soon to rebuild the empire.“

    • T Tom
      Sad news

      “I am sorry to hear that - the O Party at R3 Sauna was my favorite. Definitely the best sauna in Bangkok. Sad to hear it was closed.“

  9. H Harry
    Best sauna

    “One of gay's spot you wouldn't have to be missed! Great atmosphere with lots of young and fit guys around. If you're looking for Asian guys, this is the place to be.

    Bring your own condom and lube, as they don't give you once you entered or anywhere else unless there's a special night and given by the host.

    Very well maintenance, the staff going around to collect garbage and towel. Overall, very satisfying!“

  10. M MJ

    “For the guys complaining about the over 50 price policy, kindly have a seat. There is a reason you want to go to this sauna and that's because most of the guys are younger. There are other saunas in town that cater to older guys if that's your thing.

    Now that being said, here's my review. I'm a late 30 something black guy, fairly attractive and fairly fit (not gym hardbody). I've been to the O-Party twice and had an absolute blast each time. It's something everyone should see once in their lives. Probably over 150 guys, mostly young, many very fit, almost exclusively Asian gather first for a live show then for a raucous party upstairs featuring a handful of attractive paid performers (and perhaps a few participants?). Afterwards, the sauna resumes its normal activities. It. Was. WILD.

    There weren't many westerners (non-Asian) and I'd say that the majority of the clientele are Asians who are mostly into other Asians, which is cool. But the numbers are so great that most westerners shouldn't have a problem finding willing play partners. I certainly didn't. But as is the case in most Sauna's, the more attractive and fit you are, the more people will want to play with you. I HIGHLY recommend this place.“

  11. l little
    Why discriminate?

    “I have been there for 3 times. It is very excited during my first visit. But nothing at my second and third visits. The models employed are not handsome and the body figures are not fit or muscular. The place is very dirty with poor facility maintenance.

    I am at mid 40s and I am allowed to visit at its normal fee but i find the age discrimination is far from acceptance. Why makes such marketing strategy? I don't think the policy makes all sexy visitors be the sauna.

    I have moved to saunas like underground 39 and chakran as they welcome all kinds of visitors. “

  12. K KY
    The nite always young

    “24 hours open and sexy young guys come and go, u can stay overnight there with crowd or just relax, many places to explore, not boring n have fun.“

  13. B Bob

    “Wow - this is unbelievable. Never had such an amazing event at a sauna before. The O-Party is great - lots of fun and super crowded. I can only recommend it.“

  14. A AznTrainer
    O party fun

    “Big turnout for O party with mostly Asians with a handful of non-Asians. Started off with the host and half a dozen models performing solo then together before audience members joined in the fun onstage. The fun moved upstairs, first customers with tattoos were allowed up then glasses and so on. Lots of public group fun upstairs where you could ID the models by their neon wristbands. The host was shrill and annoying while moving around and commenting while flashing the spotlight on the different actions.

    When there’s no event there’s fun to be had with lots of private spaces (though cold) and mazes. Naked night had a good turnout as well. The gym is ok. The staff in the locker room have a hissy fit about smartphones and smartwatches being out in the open. Recommended.“

  15. P Pi
    Best sauna

    “Huge, clean, reasonable price (180 tmb on weekday) nice gym. Wide private room. But they don't offer tooth brush its worst..why?“

  16. P P
    The Best in Bkk

    “In my opinion R3 is the best sauna in Bangkok, the decreasing of star rating influenced by biased feedback of over 50+ guys.“

  17. i ivan
    My first trip to BKK

    “Was today in this place, clean, staff very rude. If you are over 50 yo, you will pay double for the entrance 300 baht, no foreign people, I was the only one.“

  18. P P
    Clean, local nice guys

    “I’m impressed with this place. 25-35 yo gay guys, mostly local and some foreigner. Free lubes & condom. A lot of people during 5-8pm everyday! Try to get heat from dry sauna then find some mates to have fun with! ❤️“

  19. S Stan
    Real big sauna

    “I went there in this March 2017, just got the chance to leave some reviews here. I took MRT got off at Phra Ram 9 station. It’s not far from the subway but in an alley. It’s quite big , almost 5 or 6 floors maybe? Price is 360 B m(maybe) for the weekend.

    On the top floor there are many guys gathering around and just watching, even a host who gave some information. Very interesting. But I found at least 50% are Chinese, and I am Chinese too, so no strong attraction to me. After wandering around about 2-3 hours, then took taxi back to my hotel. Generally speaking, it’s nice and friendly, cheaper than in HKG, better facility than in mainland.“

  20. t terrificturk
    Great Alternative

    “I went to R3 on a Sunday for the first time, as I was busy with work before... it is the 'Asians for Asians' place and the complete opposite to Babylon, which caters to the old whites and their guys.... I am Mediterranean myself, so I did not expect much in action, but was pleasantly surprised. The bar staff on 4th floor are a bit on the lazy side, but that's ok... I had a good time still and was quite happy being there instead of sleazy Babylon... Facilities were clean (they even cleaned the steam room while I was there).... but nothing special... Sauna is a bit run down and would need some refurbishment... Jacuzzi - if there is one, it must be out of order already... showers do not have warm water (the heaters installed in two of them do not work).... so all-in-all ok, but as always: dont expect too much.“

  21. H Horman
    Well managed, clean and convenient

    “It's good price and good location. Well managed and still clean and convenient.

    But since then, there have been more Chinese. Their conversation is endless. Noisy guest are China 50 Thai 48 Foreigner 2. Maybe there's Chinatown nearby.“

  22. Z Zane
    Value Sauna

    “I was charged at the lowest entry fee and was surprised. Even though I am not Thai, language wasn't a big issue. I had a good fun night.“

  23. R Rowan
    All night Long

    “Was here Tuesday 20 SEP 2017 7:30pm - 6:00am. The good thing about this place is that it's open 24 hrs. This means that even if you come late in the evening you can still expect there to be guys here who intended to stay the night cause they missed the last train home.

    Being a Tuesday it was pretty busy (40 guys) and even in the early morning there were about 15-20 guys who stayed the night. All guys were Asian and most in the 20s to 30s and fit. Definitely recommend “

  24. R Robert
    Lots of cute young guys

    “R3 Sauna had the most cute young guys of any of the other popular saunas I visited. So I think their policy of age discrimination makes sense for them. Come around 7-8pm for the most guys. The guys here tend to be mostly into other Asians, but I'm not sure why that's a negative; any of these Thais would be similarly ignored in any gay sauna in the West. Facilities are adequate but nothing special. Lighting is better (not as dark) than some of the other saunas.“

  25. J Joseph
    Shame of Bangkok

    “It's a shame a place that is prejudicial to older gay men exist in a friendly city like Bangkok.

    To all the young men who have written comments that they think it's "ok" to charge older men more, I suggest you read your LGBTQ history, you will not be enjoying this freedom today to be openly gay if not for the struggle and sacrifice of these older men you think is "ok" to discriminate against.

    Please show some respect for your elders, Bangkok is better than this.“

    • سمير
      احترام كبار السن واجب

      “Your words are true my dear brother, for example, I do not like and do not rest assured except with the elderly, so why all this discrimination?“

  26. l lee
    Staff @4th floor need to be improved

    “Staff who work at 4th floor bar is so loud while talking with same group.

    Some staff work with smoking cigarettes outside bar counter. It's dangerous when touched to other people.

    They (staff @4th floor) occupied counter bar seat, enjoy inside sauna and they behave as they are like over guests.

    Locker staff who work at 2 floor is ok. They work friendly and they are controlled.“

  27. P Peter
    Nice new clean place but...

    “I decided to go to R3 as to experience it, after consecutively been to Babylon for the past 4 days during my visit. Location is a bit further than Silom area but because of some of good review here, i ignored those negative comments. After 2 hours, I did not enjoy it at all. So quiet, no action at all. There are 2 beautiful Thai guys I noticed but most of them did not do anything other than just standing, sitting and posing around. The staff was rude when he was yelling at me (he speaks Thai cause he thought im a Thai - im an Asian btw) because I was wearing sandals, which i didn't know not allowed as I always wear it whenever I go to saunas. After 2 hours, I decided to go back to Babylon since it was my last night in BKK...the atmosphere, the people, was so obviously different...im glad i went back to Babylon after my experience in R3. Will I ever go back to R3? Absolutely NOT!!“

  28. P Peter

    “O-Party nights on Saturday are absolutely the best! Cool sauna.“

  29. A Alex
    Love it!

    “The o-party on Saturdays is my favorite, packed with lots of cute guys and incredible action going on. My favorite sauna in BKK. Will certainly come again!“

  30. M Michael
    Their sauna, their rules

    “I have no objection regarding age related issues. If thats the rule then let them be. Yes we all gonna be old in the future but while we are young we want hot action and young crowd too. Older guys seems to know everything and have the tendency to intimidate younger people we went to the sauna to relax not to feel intimidated. No old people no moneyboys so we can enjoy freely. Thats my opinion only.“

  31. A Andy
    Great place!

    “I was there on the 4:th of February for the "o-party" and it was amazing. Most of the guys are Asians who are into other Asians (I'm white, early thirties) but still plenty of opportunities and everyone is really friendly.

    I have seen complaints in other reviews about the entrance fee being much more expensive for people over 50, but I actually think this is a good thing. Guys going here are not into older guys anyway. If you don't like that I recommend going to Babylon instead, there you will find what you are looking for!“

  32. m ma
    O party on Jan 7, 2017

    “I went there as the O party sounds interesting, but I did not know the party exactly.
    The admission was 380 bht and it is slightly more expensive as it is a special party. They set 1400 bht admission for above age people.

    The party start at the bar area. The host explain both in English and Thai. Occasionally,in Chinese (I guess).

    They have performers, and eight of them showed the action show. In the crowd. There were more than eight people.

    Then, they said only naked can go upstairs, and we did so. There are action party!

    And Thai performers join it as well. The performer has an illuminating bracelet, so you can recognize them easily. Of course, you can enjoy with other participants.

    There are bright area and dark area, and some people are having fun in front of audience. The party time last only for an hour.

    Overall, it was very interesting, and I enjoyed.

    There were a few Caucasians. The body of customers were range, so it might not be fit.
    If you are top, you may enjoy a lot. If you are bottom, you need to brave enough to be open minded.

    Condoms and lube are provided and everyone follow safe style. At least, what I got were all with condoms.

    I felt they care about cleanness more, cleaning guys keep cleaning all areas. (edited!)“

    • L Lewis
      really nice comment

      “completely the same as this guest described .“

  33. G George
    Avoid this place like the plaque

    “Today I was quite shocked to hear that they charge a 1400 Baht fee for over fifty year old customers for their Saturday night o- party, the normal entrance fee being 380 Baht. Last year their fee for over fifties was double the normal rate, this year four times.I emailed them last year and they assured me that all customers were welcome but in the light of their pricing policy this is a blatant lie.“

  34. K Kuku
    Not Farang Friendly

    “The place isn't friendly to the customers. Starting from the callcenter and the staff who is working at the place too.
    Not clean. Smell of urine and only few guys there SATURDAY NIGHT 6-7 P.M.!!!

  35. S Sebastian
    Spectacular foam party

    “Was here for The Splash O-Party & Foam-O Party on October 29, my first visit to R3. Bar far the best sauna experience I've had in Bangkok and perhaps anywhere else. I strongly recommend it. Between 150-200 guys packed in one room with lots of action. It's almost surreal. Condoms and lube handed out at the door.

    As other comments below state, there is an age discrimination policy regarding the entrance fee. But without it, R3 wouldn't be the same. Plenty of guys are in fabulous shape, with 90% in their 20s and 30s. R3 has succeeded in creating a particular atmosphere and attracting a certain clientele, none of which would be possible with its entrance fee policy.

    Although I'm glad I went, readers should be warned that R3 - like it's sister Sauna Mania - is largely Asian for Asian (I'm white, with a beard, in decent shape, in my early 30s). Non-Asians - even if you're in good shape and young - may find the experience here frustrating, though action shouldn't be too elusive. I ended the night on a high note with a beautiful Thai guy with a gorgeous body. He was sitting alone upstairs. I approached him, starting chatting, and we took it from there (I was surprised I wasn't rejected).

    My advice if you're not Asian: Go during one of R3's events on Saturdays for the experience, but keep expectations low.“

    • S S

      “I think I saw u order a drinks at bar - 5th floor. I drink Singha beer and chatting with my friend there. You look nice! No wonder you have a great time with good looking Thai guys!

      I agree that if R3 have no agish policy. They can not make fantastic atmosphere like this - crowded with young guys & in shape.“

  36. J Juandre
    What an impersonal place

    “I am young (24) well built physique BUT I am interested in older mature guys. Why? They are mature in all ways. I cannot stand giggling young fairy princesses strutting their perfect little bodies but when they open their mouths "dumb" comes out. So I was shocked to see the utter age discrimination with entrance fees. Like a lot of comments say : go somewhere else ........ and I did and I was not sorry. If you cannot respect every gay person and their rights then I cannot support your place.“

    • J J
      no more arguement about age issue

      “Then go to Babylon“

      • P Paul
        Double fee

        “Went there with a friend last year, and showed the cashier my passport. It was very clear that I was 49 years and 5 month old. But cashier still charged me double amount entrance fee. They are just pure money hungry! “

        • m markus
          See it in the eyes of a 20 yo guy

          “If you are young like us, you would not like ur grandpa on that party, they are not about money, they are about keep the old away. I appreciate this so much, because anytime the elderly don't have anything to loose and touch me extremely even i deny“

    • S Steve
      Discrimination should not be tolerated

      “I agree with your review. Like Sauna Mania, this place has started a discrimination that is unprecedented. It is not enough for us young people to have fun among us and ignore the mistreatment of older gays. The reason is simple: we will ALL be old one day.

      Like "J" writes in "no more argument about age issue", let's ignore this place and go to Babylon and other good saunas that don't discriminate.“

    • J J
      Thailand will be replace by taipei

      “Age discrimination for what? So you can filter a handful of old well manner men? What's the point? I never seen in the past more than a handful of over 50 anyway. They don't go to places where people will not be interested on them. Stop discrimination and deal with bad karma.“

  37. S Sg
    My First time, my last time!

    “Great marketing strategy ! Totally opposite to what I expected.
    No crowd at all!!!
    For someone age 50 and above charging 4 times more than the ordinary. Ridiculous“

    • p peter
      kidding ?

      “When did you go there? and what time? early in the morning LOL.

      I think this place is the best, many crowded - cute and in shape especially on the weekend.“

      • A A
        We just believe from our eye!

        “Got comment mean customer care about it. I just feel very funny on reply . Good Luck and wish you all the best!“

  38. P Puretop
    A funstatic place to be

    “Yesterday I went to the big O party after hearing so much about this exciting theme night. It was my first visit there.and a first timer to sauna.. A great sexperience and funstatic place to be.. The models were so cute. A definite must go place ...“

  39. M Matthew
    Songkran 2016

    “I decided to go to R3 after a few of my friends told me that its d best place rite now.. And it is!
    The place is easily accessible using mrt, though u need to walk and be alert of the small signage.
    The place is looking new. As I went there during the songkran festival, there are so many guys. Extremely cute Thai and other Asians. They are all friendly, provided ur in shaped and most of them into other Asian. Sticky rice mostly. My advice .. Sauna is a meat market.. This place should be a miss if you are not lean/slim/tone/muscular or to d very least average. And yes they check passport to determine ur age, so pls bring in urs when visiting - or else 500b or more.“

  40. A A
    BKK visitor

    “The good: Modern, clean, very busy on event nights from about 8pm.

    The bad: Hard to find, discriminates and overcharges for Over 50, Thai prefers Thai here. Non-event nights are a waste of time. Several occasions I left without action.

    Additional comment: The Big-O and Bubble-O (foam) events can be quite wild, but for foreigners it can be frustrating to be rejected by so many Thais. Also very odd to have these events with a "compere" narrating in Thai, who also ends the event too early. As a visitor I was not made welcome by staff nor locals.“

    • M Minion
      Waste of time for tourists

      “I agree to all comments refering to this sauna as racist. Unlike in my experience in Alexander (Hong Kong), people here are way to choosy. Probably I got to see zero foreigners. Plus, the Thais whould even ask you where u from, then they'll ignore after cuz its proven ur not Thai.“

  41. J Jeremy
    New year eve 2016

    “It was my 2nd trip to R3 , the reason why I come to bangkok on NYE at d very last min.
    All i can say, it is the best sauna to have fun! I hooked up with a cute Canadian Chinese, then a hot Thai with 6 pax and finally another hot Thai. I was aftering one more guy, but he went back early, however we managed to meet again at mania the next day n hav so much fun.
    My advice-
    During special events -- come early! Like 6-8pm else there wont be any locker left. And its easier to use mrt ! Trust me! I used cab and the driver sent me elsewhere!
    This is d place for in shaped guys mostly asian/thais i wouldnt recommend u to go here if u are not.“

  42. D David
    Could Not Believe it

    “I was there just this past Friday Morning at around 1am till 5 am. First off the club was full of good looking Thais and a few Foreigners. Lots of endless walking around as usual when there are so many cute guys. I could not believe that the Toilets had no toilet paper! Been all over the world and this was a first. When I asked the guy said take a shower after you go to the bathroom. Come on. Common sense and Hygiene. There was no shortage of toilet paper in the booths though. That is just plain stupid. You could use your towel for cleaning after sex. Been to clubs in Europe, South America, Central America and North America. Never seen such a lack of common sense. I did have fun with one guy eventually but I did not find this club overly friendly. I am in shape too . Not a toothpick but well toned.“

    • J J
      welcome to Thailand

      “Remember you are in Thailand,so clean it in a Thai way, not every toilet in Thailand has tissue. LOL.“

  43. s sean
    awesome experience!!!

    “It was a big O party night...the night was crazy...
    Lots of hot guys...
    Lots of action...
    I met someone name Jack...he was really nice guy guy
    Wish I could meet him again...

    Definitely will be back again and would be in my visit list!!!“

  44. S Simon
    AWESOME. Hard to find.

    “GREAT sauna.

    Clean. Off course sometimes there will be paper and even used condoms around in the very dark areas as there is action - But its a clean place (I have seen many saunas in big European cities that was far less clean)! Reception area very nicely decorated. Plenty of shower facilities but missing soap dispenser (strange actually). Bare area with appropriate dim light.

    Decent sauna - not so big and to strong light for people to get into action. An actually kind of cool steam room - with a little kind of a maze. Steam room completely dark - a pity. It was too dark - very very dim light would be good and more enticing for the guys to play.

    There is a staff member in each floor. Thats good to ensure things dont get "to much". Staff is either dressed very lightly or naked. But cool actually with a goodlooking staff on each floor.

    Location. Really out of the way (far from Silom) and a little hard to find (stick to description - not the map). Very nice crowd - generally really good looking young Thai / Asians. I think I was the only westerner - if you are not into Asians this is not a place for you!

    Double charge if over 50 years - and you have to show passport. Who the hell brings a passport to a sauna??? But fine - come on. Whats all the fuzz about discrimination and all that. Give it a rest.

    This place apparently have an interest in attracting young local men - which suits me just perfect (I am 49 north European who like Asian).
    Its quite normal that young (locals) men dont have a lot of money - as well as most guys over 50 (or 40) are much better of, and thus can contribute a little extra (its not thousands of dollars we are talking about). I dont see the problem. If you see a problem then go somewhere else!

    Crowd. Lots of really cute thai/asians.

    Place is NOT suitable for elderly and out of shape people. Simply because:
    Location: its hard to find and you might need to walk around a bit (good lucking explaining where to go to a taxi driver...).
    The place: 6 floors with LOTS of stair (steep!!) to climb all the time to get around. If you are not young or in good shape I seriously think it will tire you out quite fast.
    The Maze(s). Very intricate mazes on all floors. You actually get lost in the beginning and thereby will do A LOT of walking around. Its fun (when you are in shape). Also the mazes are many places so narrow that a belly will have a hard time getting through - seriously!!!
    The crowd: I just don't think old or out of shape people will have a lot of fun there - its a younger goodlooking crowd.

    Service is really missing. No smile when arrived. Bartender is not smiling, but not unpleasant as such - just not smiling. Really ok - I didnt go to interact with the staff!!

    I DONT recommend this place for people who are not in good shape. Both because of the location and all the stairs, but certainly also because its a place for young guys who are likely to only want to play with more grown-up guys if they are good-looking with good a body (honestly).
    I have good looks and body and had great times with several really cute guys.

    I WISH i didn't go there only on my last day in Bangkok.

    I will certainly go back. I love the place!! And I love the crowd.... ;-) !!“

  45. K Kevin
    Go once but never again!!!

    “Front staff is very rude. Crowd on nude day but only few attractive and they are tourists.
    Bad design!
    Be careful, if you speak English they will ask your passport to prove age even you look 25, it happen to my friend and he is only 29.“

    • P Peter

      “Why it is difficult to show the passport ? take it easy , only if u or ur friend is over 50 yrs old !“

      • L Lek
        Arogant !

        “What an arrongant answer.
        AGE-discrimination is as bad as any kind of discrimination.
        Do we really expext the rest of the accept us, when we discriminate amongst our self.................“

  46. J Jim
    Don't Assume they Care

    “The fact that the place discriminates against age by charging double on some days should be enough to tell you that the management only care about money. Customer satisfaction doesn't even enter into the picture so don't waste your time & energy getting pissed off. You are assuming that the customer has rights and the owners care. In both cases, you don't and they don't. Spend your money elsewhere and you will find friendlier people.“

    • P Pete
      cheer R3

      “But I really appreciate this policy . If you like young aim to R3 if you like older guys go to others.“

  47. e eldo
    very nice

    “Went to R3 sauna on November 11th, I loved the ambiance and the staff were really nice. A handsome Thai guy (named Jazz) picked me and we had fun, but I was rushing home so I didn't have his contact, but overall R3 sauna was the best experience I've ever had in Bangkok.“

  48. R RiZ

    “I went to R3 on 26 october and this is my comment.
    Location - its easy to find, just use the Skytrain and follow the guide provided on this page.
    Surrounding - kinda strange place for a sauna though I did see massage parlor nearby, but this is Bangkok, its everywhere.
    The place - it was my first time and i kinda like it spacious and big area.
    As i went on twilight o-party, I was only given a very short towel. The sanok starts at 7 sharp, I would rather you experience it yourself than tell all here,
    Patron - mostly Thais, they have more good looking guys than mania (x counting in the models)
    Xxx - I am 30s Asian with gym lean body, got approached by several guys but I declined any personal moment. The guys here are friendly, all you got to do is smile. If you around 20-30s slim to gym bod Asian guy into Asian/Thai, this would be the 3rd best place for you after Mania and Underground39
    If you thinking of going, I suggest go to their special party on weekend. Check their website for info.“

  49. T Tin
    I had a goodtime

    “Had my good time. This place is near the Phra Ram 9 MRT station and just a few walks from there. This is my second time in a BKK gay sauna (my first was The Men Factory but i was awful...) Staffs are friendly, facilities is nice and looks fresh. The local customers are amazing! So lucky for me that they can also speak English (because i dont speak Thai :p). I came there from 2:00 to 6:00 and it was not too crowded, not too boring. Will be there again soon!“

  50. C C
    Not worth going

    “Decided to go to r3 on Monday, as it was naked, it's quite a MRT ride from Silom an then a short walk, about 1/2 hr from Silom an do going the shortcut.

    It's a nice place sans guys on naked night and the odd dozen young guys strutting around were a bore.
    It's not worth the bother to go, I dressed up and left shortly after, a total waste of time, some locals admit the location is bad.“

  51. A Alex
    Age discrimination

    “Arrived on 04/07/2015. Deceived by giving us a locker over number 120, which in fact have less than 20 guys inside.

    Overcharged as one of my friend for being over 50, charged 2 x times the entry price. Sickening management. Hard to find, even taxi driver takes more than 1 hr to locate.“

  52. C Chris
    Stylish, clean, quite busy, and the rice wasn't sticky

    “I feel obliged to leave a review since I used this site to help me decide where to go for my first ever sauna experience. I picked R3 on the basis that it was open 24hrs so I could slink away from my straight friends after a boozy night out! As this was my first time in a sauna, take what I say with a pinch of salt.
    I'll preface by saying the place is frustratingly difficult to get to. I came prepared with screenshots taken from Google Maps to show the taxi driver and we still spent ages trying to find it. There are no helpful landmarks to help find it, even with the MRT and Fortune Town Building along the main road, but the Chinese Embassy is on the corner of the needed off-road from the main Ratchadaphisek Road. Heading north approaching the Embassy, turn left and then left again at the 7/11, head to the end of the street and on the right there's a modern building with glass facade and rainbow stripes. That's R3.
    I arrived on a naked Thursday, very late on in the night about 1.5 hours before closing and to my surprise there were still approx. 25 people spread around equally at the bar, locker room and with most in the maze on the top floor wanting one last bit of fun before they finish the night.
    As the only white Westerner and non-local Thai, I was certainly a novelty focus of attention - either as a spectacle met with distance and the giggle of 'farang' when shuffling up and down the stairs, or else to quench the shy but lusty curiosities of young lads hovering awkwardly in one spot at a maze junction wanting a grope of white meat. Those who weren't interested just kept their hand flannels covering themselves. Everyone there was in their twenties at least. I can totally sympathise with reviews I've read elsewhere about age discrimination policies - it seems everyone there was below 30 and I got the impression that there's a bit of a cliquey expectation of it being a younger place and that everyone wants to keep it that way.
    The rooms are equipped with lube and condoms - at least that must be the case since I only received a hand towel on arrival. Showers could have done with complimentary soaps and gels but otherwise very well equipped and clean. Very impressed with facilities, cleanliness and aesthetics. Staff were friendly and answered my questions competently and happily too with a smiling welcome.
    Although R3 is an ageist place, at least it's not all sticky rice. I think I was there at the right time cause I can imagine the activity and traffic being a lot less if it weren't later on a decent theme night. Generally quite impressed with my first sauna experience and might have to try them out closer to home...!

  53. M Max

    “This is the second time I go to R3 Sauna. The first time I thought "well, maybe it's because I'm farang and the crowd here is more sticky rice oriented, so I'm not lucky to have fun". But today, it was even worse. The place looked like a never-ending runway for guys. Not only I wasn't able to hook up with any guy, but I noticed that no one, absolutely no one was doing anything except for walking around and walking around. Cabins empty, dark spots empty, absolutely no action anywhere. I even tried to see if somebody was "busy" and nope, nothing. What a waste of time and space. It's a pity because R3 has very nice facilities, it's very clean and it has a lot of places to have fun. And there were many guys. But the only thing they did was catwalking everywhere. I don't think I'll go there again. Many people complained that Babylon was getting boring too, but apart from the fact that every time I go to Babylon I never leave "fun-less", I always see some action in the steam room, hot tub and in the cabins. I think I'll play safe and stick to Babylon next time.“

    • B Baobie
      Only on naked night

      “Try this place on naked nights, but I hope they will take out the MC. Who needs to hear someone talking while you are in a sauna :)... The owner seriously need to change the age discrimination policy or this place will be out of business.“

  54. M MAX

    “This place should be boycotted for its ageist policy of charging over 50 year olds double the price. Isn't there enough discrimination in the gay world without venues discriminating against their own? This is really poor and the gay community should give them a strong message. Stop going to this place and giving them the pink dollar. They don't deserve it. Shame on you R3. Karma will catch up with you eventually.“

  55. K Keif
    Stylish isn't everything, not in a sauna ka

    “I was quite disappointed by this place given the hype here. For starters its very difficult to find and when you do eventually you wonder if it was worth it. The ambiance is a bit flat as the lighting is not interesting enough, just too bright in most areas, it misses the mystery and mood which is essential in a good sauna. What is strange for a sticky rice heaven is the porn is all Western on a never ending loop. I'am Asian and a size queen so missed the young Westerners you get visiting the Babylon for example, but I like the porn. As I'am early 20's Asian buff and not into sticky it was boring for me to be constantly chased by 30 something fat Hong Kong tourists. I did meet a nice guy my age from Sweden and we left early together. Maybe it can improve eventually as the facilities are good, but I would wait a few years until they know what they're doing or get a new director. Sawadeee krap!“

  56. Z Zat
    Cool Place

    “Cool place with lots of locals. Clean and nice on different floors to have fun. One of the best saunas in Bangkok. Have been there in Wednesday. It is a good idea for underwear or naked. I think it make easy for find what we want. But a little difficult in map and also it is a super cool. Please control the cooler. Staff also should be naked or underwear in that day. (@[email protected])“

  57. K Kevin
    Boycott age discrimination

    “It's OK to give students of under 25 a discount but it's not OK to charge men over 50 at different price. This is simply age discrimination. Although this place is new, the location is not desirable, most of my Thai friends don't bother to go there because it's inconvenient. To display age discrimination like this is ugly and we all need to boycott this sauna to send the owner strong message that our gay community don't want to be divided and we won't tolerate any kind of discrimination. There are a lot of saunas in Bangkok, let's boycott this policy. Btw, I'm only 26, but hopefully when I reach 50 gay business in my community won't treat me like this“

    • L Luc
      discrimination over age 50

      “agree for 1000%. This is real discrimination. And that happening in the gay world. Have been travelling around the world and visiting a lot of sauna's. Discount for younger agree fully. But nearly double the entrance price for age over 50 is a scandal. Meaning they not want older to come there.“

  58. P Pete
    Amazing party

    “What a cool and amazing place - went to the Chinese New Year Orgy Party on Saturday and had lots of fun. Never seen so much action at a sauna. Loved it. Mostly Asian but not only sticky rice. I recommend going to one of their parties.“

  59. S Steve
    Place sets Precedent in UGLINESS

    “I visited this place shortly after it opened and found that it had good potential. But I recently see that they now discriminate against the elder customers. People over 50 are now charged TWICE in some events, and higher in general. This is not customary in quality gay saunas. Babylon, for example, has a flat rate regardless of age.

    One thing is to give discounts and even free entry to younger guys to encourage their participation, something that benefits all customers, but it is a special UGLINESS to overcharge the older folks to discourage their presence. I don't find any other explanation, since every time I am there I see very few seniors, so they cannot make much money by overcharging them.

    Last Friday something broke down in their water supply and they had to cancel the "Orgy night" and return the money to all those who had already shown up. Thereafter, they closed down the place for a week until next Friday for "repairs". They must be losing a ton of money. I think I see the works of KARMA brought about by their discriminatory attitude that is very negative. Their management should take notice.“

  60. A A
    Ok for sticky rice

    “Nice facilities, lots of maze / corridors (but would benefit from a dark room). I went on 2 weeknights for naked guys. On both occasions there were about 25, all but one were sticky rice, so be aware westerners. Second time I decided to cut my losses early rather than endure hours of rejection and head back to Silom. Maybe if the place was jumping the odds would increase. For Thais (who pay less than westerners over 50) it would be a great destination. I can cope with the fee diff if I am being satisfied, but it was a struggle. I found the directions on their website pretty clear by Thai standards and used Google maps to help direct the taxi.“

  61. Y Yury
    The awfulest place which I have ever been

    “The awfulest place which I have ever been. I'm so disappointed. I was so waiting this day when I can come there, and I was so sad and regret that I decided to come there. It was so crowded that people were staying in the long line and waiting his time to come in. I came the first time and off course I didn't know the system that I should have booked a ticket before like in a theater or in an airplane. I had asked several times to staff what I should have done to come in, but nobody explained me and didn't give me any ticket. I was just shortly answered that I should just wait when my turn would come. I waited almost a hour and I noticed that persons that had came after me got tickets and came in already. Why? Because they're Asians, but I'm farang? I asked in the hundred times and appeared that I have to get a ticket in order to come in, but nobody gave me it. Staff paid no attention to me. I felt myself insulted and unneeded like a garbage. This sauna actively deliver advertisements everywhere: in Line, in the Internet, in the other communities, but the can't support and provide all customers that they involved and that came there. I just spent my time and had an awful mood. I would like if somebody advise me another sauna in Bangkok where I can get a place, where I won't be distilled like this place.“

    • J Justine
      Go somewhere else

      “After reading your review, I found it strange... Your broken English indicated that English is not your first language... I came to this sauna several times but never see the long wait as you are talking about. This place is new and can fill up hundreds of clients, I don't see why they don't want you to come in... There are many saunas in the US and Europe that also not welcome Asians there as well... It's just the owner preferences. Babylon is a nice looking sauna that is known for old white men and their admirers... The problem is that sauna is a complete bore with no sexy party and people just stand around.“

      • Y Yury
        The awfulest place which I have ever been

        “Dear, Justin, you're very ingenious! Actually I'm not an english-native-speaker and I'm not an Asian. English is not my first language and I don't think that I have to know English perfectly, but I use 'my broken' English, because I'm not sure that my review written in Russian would be read and understood by others.
        I've just written my opinion after visiting there, I have proof to do it. Actually there were hundreds of clients who came in and came out, because there wasn't a free place and no opportunity to get a chance to come to sauna.
        Go somewhere else? Oh, it's really good advice! I have already visited SaunaMania and Underground sauna. These places were much more better! I could come inside and staff were much more helpful and attentive. If you like R3 Sauna and satisfied with this, I'm glad for you.“

    • A Andy
      Special party

      “Given that the review was written on Dec 28 indicates that you went around the or shortly after Christmas. I know that R3 had a special party on one of those days for which they actually did sell advance tickets, which normally they don;'t That explains why people got it and why there was a long line. On other days it is no problem at all to get in, I have been several times.

      However, it is true that for a westerner it is difficult to get some action there, as almost all guys there only like Asian. So while it is a good place with some interesting specials like the parties, for more action for the westerner it is better elsewhere.“

      • M Max
        You are so unlucky!

        “Poor u, Yuri, I think you went there on 27.12. There was a special party in R3 Sauna on that day and everybody had to book a ticket in advance. Normally you don't need to book a ticket. Now R3 is the "hottest" and best sauna in Bangkok and also in whole Thailand. R3 celebrate their parties very well and lots of action. It is my 1st choice when I visit Bangkok. You should try to visit R3 another day.“

  62. E Ethan
    Nice place but too new and many are not familiar with the place

    “The place is new and very chic. The layout is a bit strange with all those stairs. Once this place become more familiar with residents and tourists, it could easily be the best fun sauna of BKK in term of facility and hot nude parties. The only competition of this place in term of fun is Mania but the facilities seriously needs some upgrades.“

  63. R Roland
    Big Place

    “Takes alot of guys to fill this place. I found it odd having a bar outside the steam . I think the staff should be naked too on naked days. Only fair!!

    จะใช้เวลามากของผู้ชายที่จะเติมสถานที่แห่งนี้ ผมพบว่ามันแปลกที่มีบาร์ด้านนอกอบไอน้ำ ผมคิดว่าพนักงานควรจะเปลือยเกินไปในวันที่เปลือยเปล่า ยุติธรรมเท่านั้น“

  64. A Andrew
    Clean place

    “Easy way to get there is behind Tesco -Lotus make left than another left and at intersection left. Walk a minute and R3 is on the right. Place very clean, I was there on naked day and all boys cover their jewels,very funny and no action, boring movie playing all over. Couple negative things employees siting in the dark and playing with phones. You don't know if they are taping or not Other thing : for clean place the towels are so stinky.I hope they don't use them all over without washing.“

  65. L Lim
    교통좋고 산뜻한 사우나

    “제목대로 산뜻하고 모던한 사우나네요. 무엇보다 깨끗하고 친절한 스탭들이 좋은 점이고요, 지하철 팔람까오역에서 가까운것도 장점! 지하철 내려서 포츈호텔 앞을 쭈욱 지나서 사거리에서 우회전, 첫 골목에서 끝까지 쭈욱 5-10분 걸어가면 보여요. 체육관시설 좋구요, 안마의자, 조금 오래됐지만 다양한 이반잡지들도 편하게 볼 수 있어 좋았네요. 지하는 온탕있고 5층까지라 조금 오르내려야하네요. 24시간이고 입장료는 160밧, 요일별로 벗는 날, 훈도시날 등 있구요, 다른 곳보다 직원들이 순하고 잘 응대해줘서 참 좋았네요^^“

  66. J Jeff
    One of best in Bangkok

    “I had a lot of fun here. The party on Sunday is my favorite.“

  67. G Greg
    R3 more

    “Found it confusing to find, but directions above are better than website. Very glam sauna but maybe a bit too cool. Plenty of fit guys but mostly walking and not much action. Maybe I am too old for them but the sleazier places are more for me. A good addition to the large BKK sauna scene.“

    • T Tom

      “I think you can also cut through the Fortune shopping mall but the signage pointing to the back alley are all in Thai so it might not be useful to a foreigner.“

  68. R Rowan
    feng shui expert needed

    “New place and very clean, but I saw cleaners and the mop have more action then the clientele. The gym is so well equipped that guys seem to forget what they were here for. The place needs more areas where guys can congregate or show off their wares. And don't play the same Lucas video over and over again please...“

  69. C Cyrus
    New and cool

    “This is a great place with nice play area. Sauna a bit small but the upper floor and other floors have lots of areas for fun. Go for a underwear day or orgy party.“

  70. J John
    Love it!

    “Went there last week on a Friday night and had lots of fun. Lot of cute Thais but open for playing with white guys.“

  71. V Vincent
    Amazing !

    “OMG, amazing ! Best sauna I have been to, and super cheap price (6usd), very clean and nice decoration with good gym equipment. Been there on their orgy party, best party in Bangkok with over 150 fit guys guests.Let's forget Babylon or Chakran . New king of BKK's sauna.“

  72. M Mel
    What a cool place

    “Cool place with lots of locals. Clean and nice on different floors to have fun. One of the best saunas in Bangkok.“

  73. T Tom
    Very nice place

    “Great place, lots of fun.“

  74. D Dod
    Coool Place

    “Neat, new and good for the up and down excersice. Those fruit trees should be placed all over the world to make it a happier place to live in!! :D“

  75. K Kookoo
    Great place

    “Been to Bangkok a couple of times and this sauna is way better Babylon. 90% locals and surprisingly lots a people on weeknight 9pm. Quality is better, quite a number well built Thai guys. Very affordable beer, large maze and full facilities.“

  76. R Roman
    New stylish sauna

    “New luxury gay sauna near MRT Rama9. Open 24h nonstop. Entrance only 140THB. Great location, friendly stuff, new nice place for cruising, very nice large gym, design same sauna Babylonia.“

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