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Sauna Nieuwezijds

Nieuwezijds Armsteeg 95, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1012  map 

Coronavirus Update: Re-Open from 1st August 2021. Please make a reservation before your visit as the sauna will be controlling capacity. Do this via phone or at the door before your visit. Sauna Nieuwezijds has more information on its Coronavirus protocol on its website.

Sauna Nieuwezijds is a well established gay sauna in the heart of Amsterdam city centre, run by the same management team as Club Church.

The large facility includes Turkish bath, steam room, Finnish sauna, 8 man jacuzzi, dark room and private cabins. The Sauna also sells extras such as towels if needed.

Sauna Nieuwezijds offers professional massage services also booked in advance and with sauna admission will offer an €8 discount.

The Sauna is open from 12pm-2am 7 days a week. All admission includes one free drink on entry (€22.50) with men under 26 paying €16 or Monday-Wednesday €10.

Please check the official sauna website for any further details and reservations.


bar, cafe, internet access, steam room, massage, sauna, jacuzzi / hot pool, relaxing cabins, dark room, free wi-fi, cruise

Updated: 31-Jul-2020

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  1. R R
    My Favorite place

    “I have been to other saunas in different countries, but this one is my ultimate favorite!!! Staff is friendly and courteous plus the establishment is clean. I would only suggest to bring your own flip flops because they are not provided. Other than that, I ENJOY THE PLACE VERY MUCH!!!“

  2. h hamada
    deputy director

    “The place is impressive and wonderful in all meanings, distinguished by its cleanliness and the constant eagerness to manage the place for periodic follow-up and securing visitors. The Netherlands has become a popular destination for me as a country, specifically this unique and picturesque place.“

  3. M Mark
    I had a Great Time

    “I went there on a Sunday, and to my surprise had a great time.
    Arrived a bit late at 7/8 pm, and was superbusy (wintertime)
    Its a very small place, filled that evening with (hot)men of all ages (25 - 60+) and and skincolours/cultures. I was pleasantly surprised! Also it was a surprise that people who visited the place were super friendly/nice. No attitude...

    Yes as it is small and very busy sometimes the relaxrooms are not left clean by previous guys, so I always clean it with my towel, and after the action i get a clean one. Its a gay sauna, not the four seasons!!
    I had talks with different people, and had a good time.
    The staff probably are ok, i would not know, as I do not go to a gay sauna for its staff ;)
    Just go there with a great attitude and you will have fun for sure!“

  4. B Bruce
    Best time ever, again and again,

    “This is my absolute favourite spot in Europe. Finally a cruising spot that’s stylish with friendly sexy staff, and lots of hot guys. It’s almost always quite busy day and night.“

  5. D Dave
    Best sauna ever

    “Love this place. Staff are cute and friendly. Well thought-out space. My favorite sauna in Europe!“

  6. A Andrew
    Clean, busy, high quality, broad age range.

    “The facilities are excellent, the place is very clean, yes, some clients use a room and leave it a mess, but cleaners are active all the time. Bar even offers some food. Reasonable bar prices. Clients from young to middle-aged. Don’t know if the smoking room still exists after the renovation (Oct 19). bar staff are not friendly and sometimes seem to seek confrontation with clientele.“

  7. C Chris
    when there's no competition...

    “As the only gay sauna in Amsterdam, you're either in or not. Very expensive. Friendly staff. Tiny pool with one bubbly source in the middle, mostly covered by the guy sitting next to it (who thinks it's a personal sauna). So the water just slightly waves. That sucks, as I'm into strong stream. And when the stream stops, the button who's supposed to start it has a mind of its own. Try pressing it for long minutes. It eventually starts... No slippers, bring ur own.

    Steam room is ok. Labyrinth for fucks with some cabins (probably the main reason of business in Amsterdam is to offer fuck space to clients). Overall, not impressive. If you want to relax in a warm pool of bubbly water in a gay sauna, and not go there for sex, stay away.“

  8. R Ryan
    Closed for the rest of the month

    “Undergoing new (and hopefully exciting) renovations, and closed until the last week of October. Looking forward to seeing the new and improved space!“

  9. P Pedro

    “Not as friendly, very small.“

  10. T Tom
    Back again

    “Went here again the night they closed for renovations...I had fun...mostly in the dark room...I’m older, so the dark room does not discriminate against age...hahaha...again the place was packed...when I left there was a line to get in!!“

  11. T T
    Nice place

    “I was just there Friday night, oct 5. It is modern and clean, except maybe in cubicle area where guys wipe themselves and throw it on the floor, but there was a cleaner constantly circulating with a lighted broom and dustpan And the young guys out numbered old guys by like 50-1! The place was packed too!“

  12. L Lowerens
    Sauna NZ

    “Very dirty in all places in the weekend.
    6 bartenders but only 1 cleaner around.
    Extremely hot in some areas cabines ect, air condition work very badly, need renovation. Uncomfortable for 21 euro!“

  13. P Pablo

    “..of Amsterdam: a small, dirty sauna with mostly corpulent elderly men. The city deserves better.“

  14. R RALPH


  15. B Bob

    “Went on Thursday & Friday this week, 4th/5th of July. What can I say, never disappoints. “

  16. R Ryan
    the best place for satisfy your desire

    “It was a Friday when I went there around 11pm for the first experience in gay Sauna, inside it was full of people everywhere in the relaxation area, bar, sauna, and above all dark labyrinth. For sure I'll turn back to Amsterdam for NZ Sauna.“

  17. J Joe
    Not what it used to be

    “I am a regular visitor to Amsterdam, I have been coming to this place for at least 3 years. Sadly I can say this place has gone downhill. First of all the clients have changed dramatically, couple years ago this place had a younger crowd and better looking. My last visit I was there 3 days on a row: Friday, Saturday and Sunday and sadly this place is full of old, nasty creepy old men.

    The few younger guys you can see are the sort you will probably block on grindr. There is barely any younger under 30 men. I think the old crowd just scared them away; out of 100 guys maybe 5 were decent. The place is getting really dirty on the cabins and floors and the steam room stinks of excrement and body odors. The place is filthy and this place was a great place years ago. Staff are very nice, but they really need to clean the place and wash it and sanitise.“

    • M Mark

      “You go three days in a row to a place that you don't like. Sounds smart.
      This must be a fake review.“

      • a alex
        bad sauna

        “why do u call that comment a bad review. it happened to me too.
        i've been there 4 times in a week in august and it's always the same
        i was very good looking compared to most of the old men. i wont go back to that sauna“

        • g gilles
          good looking

          “You forgot to mention you are also a very humble and tolerant person...“

  18. A Alex
    Always fun

    “Even in the odd days and time of the day, you can always find some good action there. I stop by every time I'm there for business, so I visit weekdays in the afternoon. I usually arrive there by 2:00 PM and stay until 6 or 7:00 PM. I've never regretted spending time and money there. From vanilla to rough.“

  19. M Moscardini
    Old men, but...

    “Premise: We were in this sauna one Friday in March (2019), from 2 to 6 pm. Then we returned at 10 pm, to go out at 2.30 am at night. On Saturday we entered at 13 and left at 18. We found the sauna full at any time. Saturday afternoon two women entered (lesbian couple) and two trans.
    Location: Only one tram stop from the central station. A few steps from Cuckoo's and the Web.
    Type of clientele: In Amsterdam there are so many beautiful boys, whom you will meet thanks to Grindr. All those who, on Grindr, have no chance, enter the sauna: old men (even over 70), fat men and ugly men (some, however, have XL and are active). The few beautiful guys (some really very beautiful) who come in, have two possibilities. 1) If they find another handsome boy, they can enter a cabin and lock themselves inside. 2) If they can't find another nice guy, they can connect to Grindr and hope to find someone quickly.
    Structure: Beautiful and very elegant. It develops all on one floor but is sufficiently spacious.
    Cleaning: The managers clean the rooms during the two-hour break the day they are closed. In addition, during the day, they switch to remove the garbage. It is not enough. A sauna so full of people should be cleaned at least twice a day.
    Prices: Expensive. You can request a pass to go out for dinner and return (you pay 1/4 of the normal entry price).
    Advice for customers: If you like nice guys, use Grindr, forget about the sauna. If, instead, you are looking for XL features without giving importance to the appearance, this is the place for you. Bring your slippers.
    Advice for managers: Apart from the fact that you should clean it more, you should give two towels at the entrance, instead of charging the second one.“

  20. M Moscardini
    Daddies and grandpas

    “Premise: We were in this sauna one Friday in March (2019), from 2 to 6 pm. Then we returned the same day at 10 pm, to go out at 2.30 am at night. On Saturday we entered at 13 and left at 18. We found the sauna full at any time. Saturday afternoon two women entered (lesbian couple) and two trans.
    Location: Only one tram stop from the central station. A few steps from Cuckoo's and the Web.
    Type of customer: In Amsterdam there are so many beautiful boys, whom you will meet thanks to Grindr. All those who, on Grindr, have no chance, enter the sauna: old men (even over 70), fat men and ugly men (some, however, with XL). The few beautiful guys (some really very beautiful) who come in, have two possibilities. 1) If they find another handsome boy, they can enter a cabin and lock themselves inside. 2) If they can't find another nice guy, they can connect to Grindr and hope to find someone quickly.
    Structure: Beautiful and very elegant. It develops all on one floor but is sufficiently spacious.
    Cleaning: The managers clean the rooms during the two-hour break in the day when the sauna is closed. In addition, during the day, they switch to remove the garbage. It is not enough. A sauna so full of people should be cleaned at least twice a day.
    Prices: Expensive. You can request a pass to go out for dinner and return (you pay 1/4 of the normal entry price).
    Advice for customers: If you like nice boys, use Grindr, forget about the sauna. If, on the other hand, you are looking for XL without giving importance to the appearance, this is the place for you. Bring your slippers.
    Advice for managers: Apart from the fact that you should clean it more, you should give two towels at the entrance, instead of charging the second one.“

  21. R Rens

    “Friday, went there.
    Entrance waiter --- very friendly---says welcome! 10 p.m Jacuzzi bath close because someone shit in there, seriously,10.30 p.m steam bath close because of someone break poppers inside, dry sauna smells bad, people are 45+ and older.

    Smoking room in fog from tobacco, ashtrays full of cigarettes. Later on glory area cleaning, smells of strong chemical. Well, enjoy it!“

  22. r r

    “Super. First time, tomorrow again.“

  23. T Tobias
    Great sauna

    “Really a positive surprise! Very nice atmosphere and relaxed. Friendly staff, clean and some hotties. Not so big but the sauna has everything you need“

  24. P Paul
    Ok Sauna

    “Awful staff at the Entrance. Rude. Bitchy. Arrogant. And all in all So of putting.“

  25. M Manfred
    Nice there

    “Modern Sauna, clean, nice Barkeeper, big Cruising area.
    A visit is a must for every gay.“

  26. Y Your
    One of the best

    “Go to Barcelona, London, US or Canada and most sauna's are crap. The NZ sauna is not big but stylish and very well thought out. Cleaners seem to do their best to clean up the mess the costumers make (trash cans everywhere, guys!). Bar staff is mostly very friendly with a few exceptions. Always enough people inside to have fun with. The lounge is a great place on a social Saturday or Sunday!“

  27. Z Zee
    Mr old bum

    “Great afternoon, very friendly and clients so in demand for me.“

  28. H Hou

    “Very clean and fun gay sauna, the last Saturday of each month is Bear Day. If you like bears, you can take a look.“

  29. F Frank
    very hot (also litterally!) sauna

    “The sauna is on the hot side; sometimes almost to burning your skin. Visitors are inclined not to talk much to strangers !The showers are almost always flooded with superfluous water. Yesterday half of the showers were even closed ! Please tell WIM, the owner, he really has to have this repaired. Moreover, the bar is not cleaned too well.(where you put your glass). Personal is not always friendly, en give the impression of being bored with the place (!).“

    • M Mark
      Other opinion

      “Was there today. Every shower worked fine. Temperature in the sauna was ok. Personal was very friendly to me, as always.“

    • M Matthijs
      Sauna NZ

      “Hi Frank, that's an odd review cause our showers weren't closed or flooded. The dry sauna is always max. 80 degrees, we never had complaints about being too hot. The bar staff does his best to keep it clean. You can always ask them to wipe it clean if its sticky/dirty and they will do it.“

  30. C Craig
    Bisexual Dude

    “This is really one of the best male saunas in Europe. Great facilities, a very mixed crowd and pure non apologetic eroticism and no attitude sex !“

  31. R Rens

    “I want to write about sauna a bit, I'm a local guy from Amsterdam.
    Well I'm going there time to time and still like it. But to know about what happening there you must go.
    Sauna facility getting worse and worse, it's all about sex, more like a sex club, but not a spa enjoyment!!!
    Condoms, dirty cabins, damage furniture sofas, smells of chemicals after cleaning floors, toilets, darkrooms etc.
    Police, ambulances, fighting,young boys, old men, handicap, tourists, drinks, smoking weed in smoking area, drugs,all you can find there its Amsterdam, so I would say if you want that experience just go there.
    Staff is fine never rude, but anyhow arrogant, and don't pay attention you will not need the STAFF!
    All ages, and busy and not busy, day by day.
    Its a sex club! In the name of the SAUNA!
    Welcome to Amsterdam!
    P.s you can find a nice people there too!“

  32. K K
    The best

    “I am from London and have visited many saunas in there and also around the world and this has been my best experience with excellent, clean facilities, friendly staff and a hot international clientele who made for a very enjoyable time.“

  33. K Krzysztof
    Great place

    “The best sauna I've ever been! I had some hours before my flight back home so I decided to go to sauna. It was Sunday noon just before the oppening and there was a long line of guys waiting for entrance. Inside is very clean. Full of guys in different age. And a lot of acction.
    Wonderful chillout room, very clean dry and steam saunas, huge crousing area. Condoms and lube available everywhere. The place ione MUST visit in Amsterdam.“

  34. G Gabriel

    “It was okay, not as fun as I thought, maybe it was not on weekend.“

  35. g gilles
    excellent sauna

    “Je suis passé samedi en journée. Beaucoup de monde, accueil sympa, sauna propre, restauration au top, de l'action partout...Je suis sorti bien fatigué :-) mais ravi.“

  36. A AKL
    Great place to go

    “Dutch guys are nice and mostly have beautiful good size tools. This place is just can not be better. My experience is I had great fun with 15 guys in one day .“

  37. B Bob

    “Went on a weekend in December, found it very pleasant. Barmen were friendly, and so was the crowd. Had a good time with 3 blokes on Saturday, another 2 on Sunday. Will go back.“

  38. S Sauna
    Has been to better places!

    “I have traveled many saunas around the world. This place was very modern, clean and looking good. But It's full of older men of all ages above 40. I'm not against of having mature men in saunas, everyone needs to have fun, but they were not even a handful of young men! My search went on for hours but no-one under 30 were anywhere to be seen and I get bored and left after 3 hours! Maybe younger men comes in late night I don't know... it was a daytime in Sunday when I was there. I am also surprised to find out that this the only sauna in Amsterdam :/ I had more fun at Church Club on Friday night to be honest.“

    • G Gilles
      Sunday vs Saturday

      “I was there on a Saturday and a Sunday and I noticed that there was indeed more young people on the Saturday. But even if the crowd on Sunday was more in the 40-50s range, there was still a good selection of youth... :-)“

      • C Choccy
        Sunday Fun

        “I just had a great time with 2 young middle eastern studs....really couldn't believe my luck. Yes there are some older than me but majority were very fit young men. I've been to lots of saunas in GB and Ireland incl London and Dublin but never saw talent like this.“

  39. A Asia
    From Asia with love

    “Spotted... As Rupaul says... Shanté you Stay...i love this sauna.. werk it...“

  40. A Adriaan

    “My experience of about 2 weeks ago. When one enters one gets a button for a consumption, I took a glass of beer, When I left this guy asked me to pay 2.75 Euro. The price of a beer, that however, I never had asked for and never had drunk either. This caused a very unpleasant talking between me and the guy who gives you the permission to leave the place. Of course I didn't pay for something I never got. " Finally he let me go, but he was still very angry with me.. And me ?? I was very upset and thinking what to do first when eventually, I will go there again come. Must I control first the administration that is linked to the number of the locker??“

  41. J Jo

    “Get packed during the weekend, ID to present at the entrance however has been done inconsistently which is one of their renewed act at the sauna right after the renovation. The faces of the new staffs looked friendlier than my last visit here which is the way it supposed to be.“


    “If you go to an Italian restaurant to order sushi you are a bit mad. You just wouldn't do that.

    I give you a piece of advice plan your visits to the saunas, I have been to several around the world and they key is to go when they are busy or on an event time when the city is hosting something big.

    I went to this sauna earlier on Easter weekend and the place was so packed full of the hottest guys you could not imagine the fun I had. I visited from 12 midnight to 4 am.

    Totally recommend one of the best saunas in the world! Don't let anyone tell you different.

    Go on a Saturday night or Sunday daytime and you will see.“

  43. I Ian
    Ignore the bitching, whinging trolls and go

    “The piece de resistance is the central lounge area featuring leather loungers and flanked by a bar at one end and a conservatory-style smoking room on one side. Friendly (mostly) bar staff dish out food and drinks to the quiet strains of somewhat chilled music. I suggest to management that they tweak the music more towards lounge/chillout such as Deluxe Lounge Radio. Thankfully it was not the loud doof doof music some gay operators think is de rigueur.

    The establishment is thoughtfully designed, built to exacting standards and clean and well managed. A dedicated cleaner was running around cleaning up after the boys.

    I enjoyed the steam, spa and sauna. Perhaps the steam and showers could be a degree warmer but this is a matter of personal taste.

    The demographic changed over time starting with the more mature aged at opening time and getting somewhat younger as the night progressed. There was a boot for every foot and a lack of attitude resulting in a fun time for me.

    Entry included one drink, which by way of example could be a gin or tonic, but not a gin and tonic. This example of teutonic exactitude appears mean spirited (no pun intended) and should be reviewed by management. To us foreigners it just appears strange.

    To the bitchy, whinging trolls who write excessively negative reviews to trash a businesses reputation just because they didn't get laid I say get a life.

    To the rest of you reasonable gay men, go, enjoy, have fun. Five stars from me.“

  44. L Luca
    Crazy small

    “I was there at 5 pm on a Monday and I have never seen such a collection of old people.

    The place was very small (just dry sauna) and an overcrowded jacuzzi. No steaming room and nothing else so I wonder if a floor or an area was closed.

    Very expensive. I never saw anyone cleaning anything. Maybe the time was not good to have decent looking young (under 45) customers.

    I live in Paris and can say that there sauna like suncity are 10 better (location and crowd). Don't know if improved after because I left after 40 minutes.“

    • A Alex
      Stay in Paris

      “The person complaining that NZsauna isn't as good as his Paris ones needs to take a deep breath & realise that men over 45 appeal to a lot of men of all ages. Thank goodness we have saunas that don't shun men based on age. Now, if we could only discourage our Parisian man, we'd all have a better time.

      NZ sauna is excellent. A bit too bright in some spots for my liking but dark enough in others. Most guys like dark I find. Less inhibiting. There's plenty of light in lots of places to check for perfection! Come here. You probably won't be disappointed.“

    • G Gilles
      Suncity really?

      “Well, I am in Paris quite often and I have tried more or less all the saunas and cruise clubs there. Suncity is indeed well equipped but every time I spent time there, it was boring to death, with people walking around, watching or showing their (supposedly) well defined body to the admirative world. But no action at all.“

  45. W Wesley
    Disappointed since the renovation.

    “I was hoping that the steam room at least would be as good as or better than it was. Unfortunately, it's worse! The red lights are too bright and they've put this stage area in place of what used to be a nice dark privacy seedy area! I once had a wonderful moment there but I'm not going to do it now in full view of everyone on a stage!

    Anything that goes on now is pretty much in full view of everyone where as before, you could enjoy the steam room at a distance without being bothered by what was going on in the dark area, or you could go join in but now it's all in your face, so to speak. So disappointed! :/“

  46. E Eric

    “I went there without my residence permit to show that I'm under 26, and the staff was friendly to me, until the manager staff came to me and told me that only residence permit could prove my age, and told me I have to pay the full fee. Long story short, the manager staff was very unpolite and his reasons for his refusal do not make sense.“

  47. H Holy

    “Re-opened at 21June 17, visited a few days after they completed the renovation. Clearly the touched up was only made in the Whirlpool which was using sensor system instead of push-button to reclaim the other round of water current and it was very hard to be done, need to place your finger-tip gently and slowly. People started to loose patient by do it over and over again, we are missing the point of having relaxation but turned to working hard on that system.

    Steam room has Red Light illuminated that surely gives you the feeling of sensual and beyond, and just a few relax/playing cabin has added right behind the whirlpool, but still could not cater the weekend peak hour. The visit that i did last week was packed with lack of rooms, then again we are missing the sense of having fun, since not everyone enjoy the fun at the steam cabin, more playing cabin should be there.

    Not sure if the idea of showing your ID at the entrance is consistently done but its a brilliant one. The Sauna chain in Rotterdam is planned to open by Mid of this year and hopefully they can chase the target on time to experience the difference of their touch.“

  48. j j
    Re- opening = meh

    “I was excited about the reopening! I arrived at 7pm. Toilet floor still flooded with the water from shower. (and vise versa) which is too nasty. (always wear flip flops!!) No toilet paper in two toilets.

    Of all the things that could have been improved. They chose to replace the normal shower heads to the rainfall shower heads. WHO ASKED FOR THAT? Now you get wet hair when you don't want wet hair.

    There was no sound in the smoking room, and worse... no sound in the cruising area. The dimmer lights have been replaced with way-too-dark red dimer lights. (Hint - some of us actually WANT to SEE who we are playing with!) In some cabins the lights don't work at all!.

    The whirlpool area is more exposed so there is no cosy-ness to it. The huge sitting area should have been reduced to make more cabins.

    There is still no one monitoring the rooms REGULARLY to keep them clean and remove sleeping people.“

  49. M Max
    This one is closed too

    “Wtf this one is closed too maybe until June, so beside some stinky smoky cruise bar there is not much going on in the city , it sucks“

  50. M Max
    This his one is closed too until maybe june

    “This one is closed too, so beside some smoky stinky cruise club there is not much going on in the city right now, it sucks.“

    • T TGE Editor

      “We understand it is closed for six weeks until around the end of May for major renovations.“

  51. h hiroshi
    very good

    “So many people and very interesting.“

  52. J J
    Great sauna

    “World class sauna. Went during the Saturday 12am-4am hours and it was very busy with tons of actions. Wide variety of guys for your taste. Staff were friendly and attentive.“

  53. G Gio
    Small, rude staff, impossible to relax

    “Amsterdam needs a new sauna. This place is way too small and doesn't fulfill the needs of a city like Amsterdam. Being a 24 hour establishment on weekends, they should be able to provide an area for people to have a little nap, this is also part of a sauna experience and in any big sauna in Germany this is permitted but not here. The place is NOT a sauna, it's a little dark room, that's it. It is hot though. However as being the ONLY 'sauna' in Amsterdam gives the staff and management entitlement to abuse customers at their discretion. I was abused verbally twice by 2 members of staff because I was "sleeping" and when I complained to the manager he said I was paranoid and if I don't like their rules I know where the door is. You simply don't say this to customers, that's unacceptable and I'm sure if they had competition they wouldn't behave in that manner. If u have a car, go to Essen or to Cologne, then you will have a true sauna experience, don't go to this place unless you have no option but to stay in Amsterdam...“

  54. T Thomas
    A little play plus a relaxing massage

    “I visited NZ only once during my first stay in Amsterdam.
    I should have stayed longer and I should have gone back that night. Great place. Friendly staff. Clean (in fact we were ejected from the steam room for a scheduled clean, which was fine). Loved the Sauna and the one-way mirrors. The ages, sizes and shapes of the men varied, which was a 'menu' for all. This is going to sound parental, but the drinking fountain just outside the sauna was very convenient. I am not a cruise kind of guy, but the crusing spaces were fun and interesting. If I was a bit more adventurous, then I might have gotten an even better experience, or at least gotten off. The bar area is really nice. Comfortable and open. I sat with my welcome drink and chatted with an older fellow. The locker area is well set up and minus my glasses I could still find my way about. I don't smoke, so the smoking area seemed like a good place to stop for a 'drag' (not the queen type). The BEST part of my stay, however, was my (non-sexual) massage. I booked the massage on arrival and only had to wait 1.5 hours... a great time to enjoy NZ. My man was fantastic. He asked me how strong I wanted the massage and left me very relaxed. Unlike a massage in a parlour, he gave me extra information about how to cap off the massage... the hot spa and the sauna to relax my muscles... it worked a treat. He even played a CD of Maria Callas arias and chatted with me (the point here is that this was all round a great experience). All in all a great place to stop and rest and have some fun. Hello to the beautiful milk chocolate skinned man who chatted with me for quite a while before I left. I wished I could have stayed longer with you.“

  55. J Joe
    The One & Only

    “Being the one & only sauna in the city and most visited by gay travellers and locals.. condom container, lube dispenser and wipe tissue are the smart way to run such a business. During its peak time, there are almost not enough private rooms - something that could be improved on. Otherwise a 5* review would have been provided. Strategic location leads to an easy access.“

  56. J Joe
    One & Only

    “Being the one & only sauna in Amsterdam has made it became a very hot cruise place as it meant to be. strategic location right in the hear of the City where everything almost legal, condom container, lube dispenser and enough wipe tissue is always smart when it comes to run such business. During its peak time they always short out of rooms, which is one thing that could be improved on but so far one of favorite in its kind.“

  57. J Jacek
    the best sauna:)

    “I was in a lot of gay saunas in Europe ... This sauna is the best, not too big, but not small. Very nice staff, new, clean, free condoms and lube. A lot of guys of all ages, the best place for action in Amsterdam. Best on Friday and Saturday afternoon and evening.“

  58. L L
    NZ sauna

    “Very impressed! Got there and chill out area almost empty, that's because everyone in there was in the cruising areas. Really busy and was 2pm on a Thursday. I know everyone puts this but honestly a real mix of ages and guys. And action everywhere! Definitely worth a visit guys! I thought area of sauna was big. Nice smoking room, guys were smoking pot as well.“

  59. A Asian
    Dutch's touch

    “Being the one and only gay sauna in the big city of Amsterdam, NZ still able to facilitate the clients because it is a big sauna, from the Jacuzzi and the cozy dry sauna which allow you to sneak a peek the shower through the glass wall. Entrance fee with include of one round drink so it is cool to give a try. Over all experience was nice, a bit of tip perhaps, silver daddies will out after 6pm jut so in case you guys aren't daddy kinda guy. LOL .
    Although the towel changing is inconsistent, got once free but next is chargeable. Do not bother anyway!“

  60. F Fernando
    Hot, clean and friedly

    “What a nice surprise, I heard good comments about NZ but they run short of credit. It's superb, maybe I was new flesh, but I met some of the best guys ever. Hot, nice and well endowed, what else can you ask for?.
    The staff is very nice and helpful, the place is the cleanest and best organised I've been. And believe me, I've been to many.“

  61. M Mark
    Very VERY HOT

    “I thoroughly enjoyed myself at NZ. My goal was to have as much horny fun as possible, and I was not disappointed: There were all types of guys and none of the attitude that you can experience at some of these kinds of places. Once I got past the brightly lit changing area, and into the labrynth of hallways and opportunities around each corner, I got my enjoyment several times over. Well worth it and highly recommended.“

  62. t terje
    always hot play

    “A really nice place for hot play, I have been there several times, last time May 20th. Nice cruising and play areas, clean and nice personnel.“

  63. R Ray
    Not a good one but no choice

    “The place is fine but it is not great as the website. Staff are nice but the place inside is not great as i think.“

  64. M Mark
    Love it!

    “Was there on Monday, so not very crowded, nevertheless some action happened. My second time there, love both the arrangmement of the 'sauna' part, as well as the cruising area. The staff is great as well! Will go there again soon!“

  65. D David
    Lots of fun

    “The best gay sauna I've been to. We had to queue to get in but once inside the place is packed with guys of all ages and nationalities. We met some nice people and had a lot of fun! The venue was very clean. Spent 3 hours here, lots to see and do! Bit expensive but you get a free drink.“

  66. R Rocco
    NZ: the place to be!

    “In the meantime I have visited NZ several times and every time it was great: friendly staff, good food and drinks and everything so clean and well taken care of. So every time I go there I enjoy the steamroom, the bubblebath , the good food and drinks and ... the cinema! Great adult movies and great cabines to withdraw with horny guys for some hot fun. What more can I say? Keep up the good work guys!“

  67. j jake
    clean, modern, small

    “Visited twice, nice environment and facilities but no action. Maybe late afternoon is not the best time to go. I left out of boredom both times. Will try again in the evening. I do miss Thermos.“

  68. J Jean
    Good sauna

    “Good sauna. Crowded on Sunday. We had to wait to get in. Inside the sauna is clean (although there were so many people). Actions in steam room, sauna and cabins. Friendly staff.
    Only one room to relax (in front of the bar). All the cabins are a bit too dark.“

  69. J JC
    Fun times - small crowd

    “Of the two saunas in Amsterdam NZ has a nicer environment. Visited twice since it opened - both time had fun, although not a huge number of other customers - so you need some luck and careful timing.“

  70. L Lu

    “Ben er in de avond/nacht van goed vrijdag geweest, met mijn Nederlander beste vriend, slecht service aan de bar, te lang wachten terwijl zij alleen maar bezig zijn met kletsen en steeds helpen wie ze wilen behalf mij, mogelijk door mijn Marocaans uiterlijk, ook bij het verlaten van de sauna met mijn nederlande beste vriend, hebben zij mij 1 euro berekend voor een extra handdoek die ik gevraagd had, mijn beste vriend zelfs 3 handdoeken gebruikt en niets hoefde te betalen, heb toch gevraagd waarom ik 1 euro voor moest betalen, had ik beter niet moeten doen, ben erg onbeschoft beantwoord, dit weer mogelijk door mijn uiterlijk, toch bedankt NZ voor deze prachtig service.“

  71. F Fulvio
    Short visit in Amsterdam

    “I booked a one-hour Thai massage by Alessandro to unwind my travelling stress and continued with sauna, steam room and small talks at the lounge bar. At least 2-3 lads of my taste, but I was not in horny/cruisy mood. I would recommend going there on a weekday between 8pm and 11pm.“

  72. B Bruce
    great new place!

    “It's great to finally have a classy, comfortable, cruisy place to get your rocks off! Love the lounge! Love the steamroom! The staff is cute and super friendly, I will go there again and again!
    Highly recommended!“

  73. A Alex

    “Great place, very stylish, friendly staff and they do their best to keep it clean (it's the people who make such a mess). It's more the (Dutch?) guys who are afraid to make a move. If you make a move you usually can get a lot of fun, even on a quiet night (older guys come during the afternoon).“

  74. Y Youngest
    Touchey feely

    “The facilities are nicer than the Thermos but less plentiful, my boyfriend and I spent more than an hour trying to get a little bit of privacy all the while a bunch of guys followed us around touching me any chance they got. We were open to doing stuff with other people if only they had used their voices instead of just pressing their semis into my back.

    So, if you're the youngest guy there or just young enough to get the discount (23 years or below) be prepared for a lot of attention, some less welcome than others. But in the end, maybe that's what it's all about.

    Rated creepy but fun/10“

    • F Febro
      places to look for privacy

      “If you go with your boyfriend to a gay Sauna looking for privacy, sorry dear but I think you have your priorities well mixed. Stay at the hotel, apartment or if not rent your own place. You have made me laugh, looking for privacy in a place where guys go to have fun. Then you were almost abused by others, wake up and better go shopping with the BF for god sake.“

    • F Febro
      Great place

      “Nice, clean, friendly guys, all good.“

  75. p peter
    be aware

    “It looks great, but the wet floors are very slippery. Also in the steam bath.“

  76. D Damian
    Wasnt impressed

    “Went there last night. A guy behind the bar was laden with tattoos, stank of swear and not really friendly. Sitting area too small when busy. Lots of older obese guys. Even though modern, its too small so I left disappointed after an hour.“

  77. M Mark
    Preview NZ

    “What a fantastically chic and luxurious environment at Sauna NZ. Extremely sexy and friendly staff. Class and cleanliness and the best steam room in Amsterdam. And of course great value, a must for visitors and locals alike.“

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