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Phnom Penh
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Phnom Penh Gay Bars

Check out Phnom Penh's lively gay bar scene

Phnom Penh Gay Massage Spas

A roundup of Phnom Pehn's gay massage spas.

Gay Phnom Penh • Mid-Range + Budget Hotels

Some of the best hotels in town. Book now and save money.

Gay Phnom Penh • Attractions

Top tourist sights to see in Phnom Penh.

LGBT Rights in Cambodia

Trending Hotels

Excellent location.

Manor House Boutique Hotel

Excellent location. Great-value. Gay-popular choice.

prices & pictures

Phnom Penh : 3-star

Near the gay scene.

Rambutan Resort – Phnom Penh

Near the gay scene. Great pool. Gay-owned.

prices & pictures

Phnom Penh : 4-star

Gay hotel.

Arthur & Paul – Charming Gay Hotel

Gay hotel. Onsite gay sauna & spa. Great value.

prices & pictures

Phnom Penh : 4-star

Next to the gay scene.

SUN & MOON Urban Hotel

Next to the gay scene. Great pool, gym & sauna. New hotel.

prices & pictures

Phnom Penh : 4-star


Saravoan Royal Palace

Gay-managed. Near Blue Chilli gay bar & National Museum.

prices & pictures

Phnom Penh : 3-star

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Blue Chilli / gay scene
near the Blue Chilli bar and other gay nightlife venues

Royal Palace
near the Royal Palace, National Museum and within easy reach of the gay bars.

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20% Discount

Hatha Khmer Massage

Gay massage services with 24-hour out-call service.

Soma Spa

Newly opened spa in the heart of Phnom Penh, Soma Spa offers a variety of treatments and massage...

Near gay sauna Amam.

InterContinental Phnom Penh

Near gay sauna Amam. Superb dining, gym & pool.

prices & pictures

Phnom Penh : 5-star

Great for sightseeing.

Sunway Hotel

Great for sightseeing. Superb dining. Excellent views.

prices & pictures

Phnom Penh : 4-star

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