Gay Cruising in Berlin

Gay Cruising in Berlin

Feeling adventurous? Here's our guide to Berlin's gay cruise club scene.

If you’re looking to play harder then Berlin is the city for you. It’s a hedonistic city with legendary nightlife. London may have more gay residents and New York may have trendier clubs, but Berlin is the queerest of queer cities. You’ll find the best and most outrageous gay cruising clubs in Berlin – no other city can rival it.

Berlin fostered the first visible gay scene and gay rights movement in the Weimar period (between the wars). There were over a hundred gay bars in Weimar Berlin and a burgeoning gay media. Inevitably, all of that went out the window when you-know-who came to power. After the war, it was almost as if Berlin had gotten a head start. When the gay scene took off again it did so in a big way.

Here’s our guide to the best gay cruise clubs, gay saunas and gay bars in Berlin. Remember to play safe. Oh, and don’t forget your harness.

Most of the venues we have listed here are men-only.

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Welcome to the KitKatClub, Mein Herr. All clubs should have a swimming pool with a sex swing perched beside it. That’s just one of the many wonders of the KitKatClub, a rarefied temple of excess. It’s not a gay club but it plays host to every type of adult entertainment you can think of.

The KitKatClub does host some gay nights, chiefly the Revolver Party. Check their website before you go. The KitKatClub hosts various themed nights. If there’s a dress code you’ll need to conform to it. So, if it’s leather night you’ll need to show up in leather. Even on a non-themed night you’ll need to make some kind of effort. You won’t get in wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Use your imagination, hun.

You’ll find some of the best-dressed fetish people at the KitKatClub. You may also see an inexplicable middle-aged man wearing a nappy. Anything goes. The KitKatClub might not be for the faint-hearted, but it’s actually quite tame compared to some of Berlin’s other dens of depravity.

The Berghain

Berlin’s most iconic club is a destination venue. It began as a male-only fetish club and evolved into a mixed but still very queer club. You’ll see some sights at the Berghain. It has one of the best sound systems in Europe and it employs some world-class DJs. You can dance the night away at the Berghain and avoid the cruising side of things. That being said, should the mood take you cruise until your heart’s content. That might be in the darkroom or the toilet – how very old school!

The gay scene in Berlin is sex-positive. That does not mean inappropriate behaviour is permitted. No one has the right to pester you in a cruise club any more than they do in a coffee shop. No means no. But if the answer you’re looking for is yes, many doors can and will open. See how the mood takes you and don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with.

As we all know, the Berghain has a strict door policy. Wondering how to get into the Berghain? We’ve written a handy guide for you. Read More: Berghain: How to get into Berlin’s Legendary Nightclub.


You’ll find Lab-oratory right next to the Berghain. This is the gay cruise club to end all gay cruise clubs. It really puts the rest to shame. This is, by far, the world’s biggest and baddest club for gay cruising. If you really want to make a night of it you can easily combine the Berghain with Lab-oratory, making for the most outrageous gay night out you could imagine.

Check the Lab-oratory website to see what the theme of the evening is. Some of the themes are very niche, to put it mildly. Some you may read and choose not to believe. There are non-themed nights. You’ll need to leave most of your clothes at the door. Bring a harness and some skimpy pants to wear – or something along those lines. You’ll also need to leave your phone at the door for obvious reasons!

Have a drink at the bar and chat with some locals. When you’re ready to explore then do so with an open mind and have a jolly good time.

Der Boiler

This is the main gay sauna in Berlin. It’s open from 12:00 – 06:00 on weekdays and it’s open 24 hours on the weekends. Spread out over three floors, it’s a great place to go if you’re looking for some action. You’ll find a diverse array of people inside. This is Berlin so it can get hectic at the sauna – it’s a big city with a lot of open-minded people. During Pride or other big gay events, it can get packed. You may need to queue on those occasions.


A more laidback gay cruise club – compared to Lab and Berghain, at least. Prinzknecht attracts a mixed and often older crowd and it can be more body positive. Prinzknecht also takes the form of a gay bar. You can have a drink on the terrace. At night it becomes much more cruisey. Head into the darkroom and see what you find.


A well established Berlin cruise club. TOM’S Bar is open from 22:00 – 06:00 every day of the week. This is a bar to try much later in the evening. It’s where guys come to play after the other gay bars are closed.

As with a lot of Berlin’s gay cruise clubs, the bouncers can be rude. Oh, you thought Parisian waiters were rude. Never mind waiting too long for your steak tartar to arrive. Imagine being turned away from a seedy bar by the bouncer and given absolutely no reason. It’s a feature of Berlin’s gay club and cruise scene. You won’t find this kind of attitude at the gay bars and non-cruisey clubs. But when the vibe is cruisy there can be attitude involved. All we can say is keep an open mind. It’s always an adventure to explore Berlin’s gay cruise club scene. No other city can compare when it comes to hedonism.

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