Gay Buenos Aires · City Guide

Gay Buenos Aires · City Guide

Planning a trip to Buenos Aires? Our gay Buenos Aires city guide is the page for you.

Go To Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. It’s packed with culture and history. Buenos Aires was founded in the 16th-century by the conquistadors. The country became independent of Spain in 1816. It’s one of the most visited cities in Latin America.

There’s an air of faded grandeur to Buenos Aires. It’s a very romantic city. It’s had quite a turbulent history. Life has never been dull in Buenos Aires. It’s a city with great character and charm.

Gay bars and clubs in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has the biggest and best gay scene in Argentina. There isn’t really a gay district in Buenos Aires. The gay bars and clubs are scattered around. Most of them can be found in the Palermo district. Argentina is a socially conservative country in many ways, but it’s one of the most gay-friendly countries in Latin America.

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That being said, crime rates are higher in Latin America so it’s worth getting a cab at night and keeping your wits about you. Otherwise you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties. Oh, and rather like the Spanish, the Argentinians like to eat late and party late.

One of the most lively gay bars in Buenos Aires is called Sitges – yes, like the gay town in Spain. It’s a good place to catch and an Argentine drag show. Another good choice is KM Zero, it’s open seven days a week from midnight until the early hours. Definitely a good place for party animals intending to make a night of it.

The clubs and bars tend to get going at the same time. It’s not like central London where the gay bars are packed as soon as people finish work. If you’re planning to have a gay night out in Buenos Aires you best prepare for a late one.

Buenos Aires · Hotels

Gay-popular hotels Buenos Aires

There are plenty of good hotels in Buenos Aires. You’ll find five-star luxury and budget options. Palermo is one of the best places to stay. It’s right in the heart of the actions in downtown Buenos Aires, with the best gay nightlife on your doorstep. It has a bohemian, arty vibe. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes to explore, and it really comes alive in the nighttime.

Be Hollywood is one of the quirkier hotels in town. It’s affordable and it’s named after the film and television industry centred within the Palermo Soho area. Palo Santo is a good choice for the eco-conscious. It’s the first sustainable urban hotel in Latin America and it’s also in Palermo.

Recoleta is also a great district to stay in. It’s the most affluent barrio in the city. Many of the Argentinian elite live in this area. Mio Buenos Aires is a very stylish luxury hotel. A great choice if you’re looking to splash out.

Experience Buenos Aires

Casa Rosada is a major tourist attraction you shouldn’t miss. This pink palace is the presidential home and government building. It became notorious when Eva Peron gave her final speech from a balcony in Casa Rosada. It’s what the song Don’t Cry For Me Argentina was based on.

Tango is a great Argentinian tradition. You can catch a tango show in Buenos Aires. Some will be more touristy than others. One thing is for sure, the drama and sensuality of tango is always a joy to behold. You should also visit the San Telmo Market – it’s been going since 1897. Read More: Things To Do In Buenos Aires.

Gay saunas in Buenos Aires

The one major gay saunas in Buenos Aires is called Homosapiens. It’s not like the type of saunas you’d expect in Berlin, natch. Still, you’ll find a good mix of men – many locals – and no shortage of hotties here. It can get pretty busy and there is often action to be had in every nook and cranny.

Buenos Aires

Getting to Buenos Aires

There are a few airports in and around Buenos Aires. The main one is Ezeiza International Airport. It’s the one you’re likely to fly into. It’s about 1.5 hours away from the city centre. The easiest way to get into the centre of town is by taxi. A shuttle bus goes into town every 30 minutes. If you’re on a budget you can get the bus into Buenos Aires.

FAQs about Buenos Aires

Getting around Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a big city but it’s well connected by taxis and public transport. The easiest way to travel around Buenos Aires is by subway or taxi.


Also known as the “subte”, the subway is the easiest and most affordable way to travel around Buenos Aires.


Not many tourists use the bus in Buenos Aires but it is pretty efficient and very cheap. It can be a bit tricky to map out the bus routes around such a big city on your first trip.


The taxis are very efficient but make sure you get the official, licensed ones. They’re yellow and black. Taxi drivers in Buenos Aires have been known to overcharge tourists.

Is Buenos Aires safe?

Buenos Aires is one of the safest cities in Latin America. It’s considered to be safer than LA. Still, it’s a major city so keep your wits about you at night.

How expensive is Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires isn’t cheap but it’s not too expensive. You can do it on a budget, mid-range or in total luxury.

When To Visit Buenos Aires

April – June or September – December are popular times to visit Buenos Aires. It’s worth spending at least three days in Buenos Aires.

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