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Discover Greece's gay mecca

Mykonos is Europe’s leading gay vacation spot. It’s Greece’s most glamorous and exciting island. The soft sands, whitewashed buildings and endless Aegean blues are world-famous. You can’t take a bad photo in Mykonos.

The understated elegance of the architecture and decor is instantly recognisable. Myconican style is unique. Often imitated but never bettered, it’s perfectly suited to the light and the climate of the Cyclades. Here are our favorite things to do in Mykonos.

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Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town is the beating heart of the island. It’s where most of the best bars and restaurants in Mykonos can be found. This charming Cycladic village is comprised of winding streets, whitewashed buildings, cafes, bars and chic boutiques. You’ll get lost in the labyrinth of streets and no doubt buy souvenirs. You’ll also need to take the mandatory photo of you wandering through Mykonos Town. The contrast of the colours and the perfect light makes for the perfect backdrop.

During the day, you’ll find many cafes and restaurants to explore. If you head there really early you'll miss the crowds. People will be on the beaches or sleeping off hangovers. It will get much busier as the day progresses. By the evening, the bars and clubs will start to open and Mykonos’ famous gay nightlife awaits you. Remember to pre-book a Mykonos taxi though if you're planning on staying out late. Read More: Taxis in Mykonos.

Mykonos Windmills

Mykonos Windmills

Mykonos’ famous windmills are right by Mykonos Town. There are 16 of them and they’re the island’s most recognisable landmark. The windmills were originally built by the Venetians in the 16th-century. Sunset is a great time to visit the windmills. You’ll see incredible colour contrasts in the sky. You can join a tour and learn about the history of the windmills and how it relates to Mykonos’ colonial history. It has been ruled by many empires, from the Romans to the Ottomans.

Little Venice

Little Venice

Little Venice is easily accessible from the windmills. You’ll see white buildings perched right on the edge of the island. It’s one of the most scenic and romantic parts of Mykonos. It’s especially popular during sunset - you’ll see one of the finest sunsets in Europe in Little Venice. You’ll want to get a good table at one of the bars or cafes early. It will be very busy during peak season.

Many of the precipitously perched houses were built by sailors. Back when piracy was a major threat, these houses offered easy access to the sea: an easy and subtle way of maneuvering stolen goods.

Little Venice has an almost ethereal quality. It has attracted many artists over the years, drawn by its incredible light. Make sure you take lots of photos.

Discover Mykonos’ gay scene

Mykonos is well-established as a hotspot for gay travelers. During peak season, more than half of Mykonos’ visitors will be LGBT+. The most famous gay bar in Mykonos is Jackie O’. The beach club has excellent views. You’ll see many bronzed, beautiful men lounging by the pool. Drag queens perform by the pool in impressive heels and somehow never fall in. You’ll see the gay international jet set at Jackie O’ every summer.

Next to Jackie O’ you’ll find Babylon, a gay bar on the waterfront of the old harbour. You’ll need to get to Babylon early if you want a good seat. Check out our full guide to Mykonos’ gay bars here.


Delos Island

Mykonos isn’t a major cultural destination. It’s a place of great aesthetic beauty, charming boutique hotels, beaches and buzzing nightlife. There is one major cultural highlight and it isn’t even on Mykonos. The island is Delos is just 30-minutes away by ferry.

Delos is said to be the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo. You’ll come face to face with ancient Greece on the island of Delos. It has many well-preserved ruins from the Hellenistic age. This is the Greece of 300 (the movie) - only Delos is where you’ll find the real history.

Paraportiani Orthodox Church

Paraportiani Orthodox Church

Located right by the sea in the Kastro neighbourhood, Paraportiani Orthodox Church is a major Mykonos landmark. It’s a church complex comprised of five churches. The oldest one dates back to the 14th-century and the most modern was completed in 1920. This will give you a glimpse of old Mykonos. The style is remarkably consistent with modern Myconican architecture and design.

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