Hatha Khmer Massage Phnom Penh

Hatha Khmer Massage Phnom Penh

Gay massage services with 24-hour out-call service.

Hatha Khmer Massage Phnom Penh

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330 #18, Boeung Keng Kang III, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hatha Khmer gay massage spa offers various massage & spa treatments, body scrubs, foot reflexology, etc. Many of their 20+ male masseurs speak multiple languages (Khmer, Thai, English, etc).

There are 6 traditionally-styled comfortable treatment rooms, each with its own bathroom & shower within a converted house. After your treatment, you can chill out in the garden café bar. Out-call service available.

Weekday: 12:00 - 00:00

Weekend: 12:00 - 00:00

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Due to Covid19

Because of Covid, there are not many boys to choose. I went there by 3pm afternoon, there were only 7 boys I can choose. Well, there is none of these kind of massage shop where you can choose the masseur in Phnom Penh, I just tried one. Not bad.


nice place and the massage is good

i went there at 8pm, almost 20 boys stood after the glass window, they will smile to you and hope you can choose them, because of the covid-19, no guests are in the room at that time when I arrived. I choose the no.7 who is muscular and handsome with excellent massage skills, and the happy ending is perfect that impressed me very much, the skill of the boy is good.


can't find the same masseur

They keep on changing no 7. Rhe last time I went the no 7 was someone else, then when I come back the number 7 is a different person.


Nice boys eager to please

Always a great experience. I usually get my 4-hands, 2.5 hours.


Replace the Supervisoe

My friends and I (4 of us) were there 3 days without any complain till the 4th day. To be honest, we have no issue with the place or boys. It's in the selection process of boys that we have to discourage you guys from visiting; until the Management sack the supervisor. He was rude, and impatient. Insisted that we select the boys almost immediately. For 3 days, we thoriated his nonsense. Till the 4th day, when 2 boys were selected with my 2 other friends pondering who the pick. This idiot switched off the lights and said that we're not interested. This is utter rubbish. With such attitude, he's not fit to be in customer service. My advise to you is, quit patronising until his removal.



Went today and didn’t know what to expect from the mixed reviews. Number 7 was not there so I went with number 5. He was incredibly cute and sweet with a great body. Excellent b2b massage. If I were here longer I’d go back to see him again and again.


Number 7 is everything that you need.

When I arrived there they will let you choose a guy that you like to massage for you. Turn out I chose number 7. Then I went to wait for him in a room. After he arrived and I surprised coz this man is handsome and charming. And he started talking to me and he's funny and friendly. Then we started the massage and he did not so good and like love it. For about 30 minutes and asked me if I want special. Then I said yes. It was great. This man got skills and I have a great time with him. So, number 7 is all you need. I recommend this guy to you.



I kept my expectations low after reading the reviews, but I guess I am lucky. I just selected a random guy, and turns out he is number 7 after seeing his number after the massage. He delivered. LOL. The place is clean, and the price is reasonable. I'll go back.


Horrible experience

Don’t go there, please. It was a total nightmare. The guy asked me to tip before the massage, I said NO and then he was so rude and then answered his phone « sorry it’s my brother ». I stopped the massage, then the guy at front desk went crazy and tried to bully me with all the guys. It was a nightmare. Thankfully I was with my husband and managed to go out.


Good service

I have been there twice, I did not like the way they asked me to pick my masseur, they could provitamins catalogue with pictures than selecting them looking through a glass. The massage was ok first time obviously they ask you what if you like extra service. They are nice and polite, good value for money. Definitely worth visiting.


Not A Great Experience

I was all excited to get my first massage in Phnom Penh but it turned out to be a disappointment. The massage I had was so-so and was shocked after the massage when my masseur told me he wanted $20 in tips for his services, which he had provided in the course of the massage. He had also ended the massage about 20 mins early. My friend also had a disappointing experience as his masseur kept harassing him to engage his “special services”, which he did not entertain. We will not be going back again.


Nice environment and service

I went there on 5th August..i go straight to reception counter and the person switch on the lights from the dark room and we can choose the masseur. I choose no 22 if not mistaken his name is Raymond. it was s great time with him during b2b massage for 60 minutes. he has strong hand to.massage ..i give him USD40 as a tip because he is very nice guy and treats me well during the session. i would love to meet him again next time.


The famous 7- not so great

I arrived at the spa and they turned on the lights of the fish bowl. Number 7, very famous in this site, was not there, so I decided to wait. After a while 7 arrived, just as handsome and charming as described. The massage went well until he asked if I wanted something more special. He presented his special flat fee and I declined. After that he became quiet, less attentive, started checking his phone and making "funny" comments about the size of my body etc. I tipped him anyway, and even when not a bad experience, it had a bitter ending. The place is very clean and pretty.


Great and satisfied

This is the first time I've tried this kinda massage and lucky me, I wasn't disappointed at all. I chose body-to-body massage 15$ and picked number 7 as many suggestions, and thank you guys so much 'cuz I had a great time wit him. He is very gentle, funny and has great skills to turn you on. Definitely comeback if possible. And I miss him now. Haha.


Nice place but ...

Good place, nice rooms. We were together there and chose two guys. My friend got a terrible experience with young cute-faced guy, who forced him to come and did not help at all. Was rude and not interested in working, and then asked for $30 tip for special service. Number was 26 - very bad job. Hope others are better. Mine was fine but also wanted to finish faster :( Gave him $20 tip. In total, will not return again :(


Awesome #7

After reading all the reviews before heading to this parlour, I decided to just go and ask the cashier for #7 without asking to look at others. I went straight to my the room and took my shower. Minutes later, this beautiful guy came in... The famous #7. His skills was so good... For the first time, I slept and I believe I snored... with him, I don’t need any extra, I was simply satisfied... He was very kind and modest. I had to force and beg him to accept my tips. Worth it. Will come back again before I leave.


Amazing #7

I tried today with #7. He was good and knew what he's doing. I wasn't into the extra and he didn't push me. I was happy and gave him tips, but he refused.



I went today and pick 7. He was good looking & knew what he was doing. LOL


Nice, nice and nice!

Beautiful boys, clean and very relaxing area! Thana (#7) is a fantastic beautiful masseur !



Two of us walked in to get a massage. My massage was good. Was not into the extras and he was good about it. My friends experience was a little different. The massage was good but difficult to enjoy when be continued to pressure him into more. We did leave generous tips for both of them. Overall massage was good. Experience maybe not



Went today looking for a scrub and massage and was told only oil massage available, turned on my heal and left.


First Time And Loved It...

Went there last night. All the guys were absolutely beautiful. They would line up in a glass room for you to choose (I suspect they can see me sitting in the dark). I picked my Lucky 7. He was friendly and did great job. (Speaks basic English) I will surely go again...


Amazing Visit

Clearly one of the best massages I have ever had in my life!! He was clearly knowledgeable on that subject. I also picked 7 and was not disappointed. Wish I lived closer.


Wonderful place

I like this place in his new location. Not easy to find but very nice and clean. I choice Lean (?) number 33. Good massage, he no ask for "special" massage and tip but we deed it. I give him 25$ because he deserve it. I would be happy to see him again but tomorrow I will go to Siem Reap.


Swapping masseur

I went there last night for a masseur, and chose one muscular masseur. When I went into massage room. It is different skinny masseur..


My favorite place

If you like a male massage, this is the place. Polite, careful, clean and good service. I will absolutely recommend it.


Be careful at this place

Place to avoid if possible, no mention of special tip when walk in, plus tip is expected to be more than the massage, plus massage goes under time - not a favorite place


Terrible massage

Asked for 90 minutes only ended up 40 min and they charge 20 USD for a happy ending. Most of them don't speak proper English.


Hot masseur, bad service

I came to this place on Monday afternoon. There were about 15 hotties could be chosen, and most of them are cute and hot. But during the 90 minutes massage, the masseur only served 45 minutes and then asked me about special service. So my comment is hot masseur but bad service.


Not bad but no action!

Okay here is the deal. The sauna is pretty big being on 4 levels. 1st floor is locker room (small) then sauna and steam room. 2nd floor is a porn room and bar but nobody spoke English. 3rd/4th level are mazes and rooms to play in. No lube is provided or condoms. Really did not matter as nobody was playing. I mean nobody. The place was pretty packed on a Saturday at 5pm. However everyone and I do mean everyone was just walking or standing around. There was no action going on anywhere none. Now I have heard the local guys are a bit shy but come on! My expectations were low to begin with. The place is not Babylon in Bangkok but I would expect some action. Sadly there was none. I mean if you want to walk around and look at guys then this is the place. It was packed but they are not interested in playing. At least 10 rooms wide open no action. Wet sauna no action. Dry sauna no action. Pretty pathetic. It was clean and a big place. However the locals in Phnom Penh just don't seem into it.


The best I've been to in SE Asia.

Wow! What a place! Last night I went to the new location at#18, Street 330. I have done many palors throughout SE Asia and this is by far the best. It even surpasses Senso in BKK and for much more reasonable price. There are a couple of paths upon entering from the street which brings one to a large courtyard. The entire area is attractive and clean. Rooms are well kept, comfortable and air conditioned. Showers are en suite but separated from the bed area by a wall There were at least a dozen cute and well built guys to choose from. My masseur, "Bo" was movie star handsome with a muscular swimmers build. He was charming and accommodating. Prices start at $10.00 per hour. I plan on returning tonight and start working my way through the stable.


Terrible place

My partner and I went here for a 90 minute massage last week. There were not 20+ masseurs to choose from but only five, none of which looked even remotely handsome. But since we had come all the way, we tried anyway. While my partner's massage was apparently bad, my experience was even worse. The "massage" was basically over after less than 40 minutes, which is when it came to the "special massage" issue. That and counting dollars was about the only English words my masseur could speak. I was out in less than an hour. My partner was out already, so he got even less time. To top this off, the guy at reception insisted we needed to pay for full 90 minutes, since it was already in the system and he would get into trouble with his manager. It's such a run-down, dishonest place. Have some cocktails in one the many friendly gay bars instead. We also had massages at Khmer Hand Spa and Arthur & Paul. While Khmer Hand was alright, Arthur & Paul was the clear winner. What you pay is what you get.


Inspiring place

This is already a traditional place and I like it. It is always plenty of very interesting young men and all of them have always a good experience in massage. Very often you find new masseurs, but none of them would let a client without a good experience. The average price for one hour massage is 10 USD per masseur - easy to get that if you ask two guys, you pay 20 USD... During the massage, normally at the middle of the time, the masseur would suggest if you want a "special massage" that would be in average 20 USD inside that same hour. Good place.


Simple is better

Location as noted. Friendly hello at entrance. 60 minute oil massage for $10 w/ $20 tip for special massage. Enjoy the massage for the massage and the staff will note "special massage" prior to end of 60 minutes. Note the time on the clock and note 60 minutes prior to start of the massage. Excellent choices for the staff. No need to say "no" if the staff ask for more than $20 or more than 60 minutes; say "60 minutes" and "$20". Simple is better. Overall no notation of a minimum for a tip. Overall clean enough. Mattress on floor with sheet, bath with shower in room, soap and clean towel. Comfortable enough setup.


Dishonest staff avoid

Visited here on 19th February 2014. I asked for a four handed massage which was supposed to be 20 dollars. A good massage was given which ended in good spirits, if you know what I mean. At the end, the masseur asked for 25 dollars for each of the Masseurs, amounting to a 50 dollar surcharge, none of which had been mentioned at point of sale. Refused to pay and thankfully my partner was there. Equally helpful was the fact that we didn't have much money on us. There was a rather unpleasant stand off but we refused to pay and they accepted the 50 dollars for both of us. As it turned out, at 10 dollars each, this was the correct surcharge but they initially wanted 100 dollars. Also there was, again, a period when I was separated from my wallet. Avoid this place. In fact you should probably avoid all gay massage in Phnom Penh.



I have been there twice in two weeks, last time on 7th August 2013. Reasonable price, fair for only massage, good decoration room, a plenty of masseurs. I love this.


Hatha Khmer Massage Phnom Penh

Nice entrance and cute guys but this is it. Showers dirty, massage not good. To avoid until the management train them better!


Hatha Khmer Massage Phnom Penh

Visited this massage place on March 9th. Entrance is nice, around 20 guys waiting in the garden, cheering you up and following you inside behind a glass panel where you sit with the captain. They are funny and interact with you in a good way. The room is clean, spacious and comfy, good looking guys. Mine has some skills in massage but limited. He asked for more and it was obviously not his department. Oh well, I forgive him because he was so cute. Gave him some marketing advice as how to prepare himself etc. Overall 6/10 maybe better with another masseur. But sorry I don't have 20 more days. Tips expected from 20$ upwards.

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